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The following describes the keyboard shortcuts, and their functionality, that can be used in the Campaign Editor for Display Ads.

AreaKeyboard shortcutsFunction
Data AreaCtrl+ASelect all cells
Ctrl+CCopies everything under selected line
Ctrl+VPastes copied data
Ctrl+FMoves to search window
Ctrl+Shift+CCopies only selected line
F2Changes selected cell to being edited
Ctrl+HReplaces text
Ctrl+Shift+HAdd text
Ctrl+BChange budget (bid price)
DeleteWhen cell is selected: Clears cell value
When line is selected: Deletes selected line
EscWhen cell is being edited: Clears entry
Account tree→(Cursor key)Opens selected component
←(Cursor key)Closes selected component
Ctrl+ASelect account tree all
Ctrl+CCopies everything under selected item
Ctrl+Shift+CCopies selected item only
Ctrl+VPastes copied data
Search windowCtrl+CCopies
Moves to search criteria at right
Moves to search criteria at left
F2Makes it being edited
Creating multiple items / Importing textCtrl+ASelects all
Ctrl+Shift+CCopies selected line or selected item
Ctrl+VPastes selected item
BackSpaceDeletes line at the end
EnterWhen line at end is selected: Insert 1 line
Others: Move down
DeleteDeletes selected line

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