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Search Keyword List

When the Search Targeting function is used for the campaign, it is necessary to create and set the search keyword list. This help topic provides an overview of search keyword lists.

What is a Search Keyword List

Search Targeting displays ads based on keywords from user’s search history as generated during searches at the main Yahoo! JAPAN search page and at other locations, whenever that user visits a Yahoo! Display Ad Network (YDN) delivery page.
To use search targeting, you need to create a Search Keyword List in advance.

Basic Configuration of a Search Keyword List

You need to create a Search Keyword List for an account basis, and set for ad groups-level of the account.
When an user, who has search history of the keyword which is on the Search Keyword List, visits a Display Ads (YDN) delivery page, any of ads of the ad group set to the search keyword list including the search keyword.
  • Up to 1000 search keyword lists can be displayed per account.
  • Up to 500 search keywords can be added on a search keyword list.
  • For an ad group, one search keyword list can be set to.

Learn more details about Search Keyword List on the following help topic.
Search keyword targeting mechanism and settings

How to Create Search Keyword List

Search Keyword List can be created from the ‘Search Keyword Lists’ page on the ‘Tools’ tab.
Enter any keyword or URL for search, and select one or more as your Search Keywords from the listed suggested Search Keywords.
Learn about more details of creating the list on the following help page.
Create Search Keyword List
  • The suggested search keywords displayed in the Campaign Management Tool are automatically extracted by the system based on factors such as the number of reaches (x-rated keywords and any other keywords that might be considered offensive are removed from the suggested search keywords).
  • Suggested search keywords are updated a few times a week on business days.
  • You can check the newly added suggested keywords by sorting with ‘Date added’.
  • Following two options are available when creating Search Keyword list.
    -Duration :
    Effective period of user’s search history for your ad delivery.
    -Searches :
    Number of searches using search keywords by the user who see your ads during the specified duration. 
  • All search keywords listed in suggested keywords can be downloaded in bulk regardless of the number of keywords displayed.
  • Any keywords that do not appear as suggested search keywords cannot be registered.
  • Search keyword list cannot be created by importing template on the Campaign Management Tool. However importing feature supports the operation for setup existing search keyword list to ad group and release the setup search keyword list from ad group.