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Search keyword list

When using the search keyword targeting option, you must create a search keyword list and associate it with your ad group. This page shows an overview of search keyword lists.

What is a search keyword list

Search keyword targeting option delivers ads based on terms an audience searched for in the past. They see your ads on the pages that deliver Display Ads (Auction). To use search targeting, you need to create a search keyword list in advance.

How it works

Create a search keyword list at the account level and associate it with your ad group.
An audience searches using a term in your search keyword list. When they visit a web page that delivers Display Ads (Auction), they see your ad.
  • Up to 1,000 search keyword lists per account.
  • Up to 500 search keywords per search keyword list.
  • Up to 10 search keyword lists per ad group.

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How to create a search keyword list

You can create search keyword lists in the Campaign Management Tool.
To create keywords, select one or more suggested keywords that appear after you search with a keyword or URL.
Learn more about Create search keyword list.
  • The system automatically extracts the suggested search keywords that are shown in the Campaign Management Tool based on factors such as the number of reaches. Keywords that violate the Yahoo! JAPAN Advertising Data Usage Standards, such as adult keywords, don't appear in the search keyword suggestion list.
  • Suggested search keywords update a few times a week on business days.
  • To view the newly added suggested keywords, sort them by "Date added."
  • The following two options are available when creating a search keyword list.
    -Duration of the search history:
    You can specify the duration of the search history.
    The number of searches by the audience in the specified duration. 
  • You can not use the keyword that doesn't appear in the search keyword suggestions as a search keyword.
  • The search keyword suggestions are reviewed periodically. Even if a keyword was available in the past, it may no longer be available due to a violation of Yahoo! JAPAN Advertising Data Usage Standards. If all the keywords in the created search keyword list are no longer available, they are shown as "Inactive."
    You can check the "Active/inactive" status in the search keyword lists from the search keyword list view.
  • You can't create search keyword lists using a template for imports.
    The import feature supports associating and removing the search keyword lists with the ad groups.

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