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Create search keyword list

This page describes how to create a search keyword list.

About search keyword list
About search keyword suggestions
Create a search keyword list

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About search keyword list

  • Up to 500 search keywords per search keyword list.
  • Up to 1000 search keyword lists per account.
  • Up to 10 search keyword lists per ad group.
  • You can't create search keyword lists using the template for import. You can associate existing search keyword lists with ad groups and remove the search keyword list associated with the ad group.

About search keyword suggestions

  • Select search keywords from the suggested keywords in the Campaign Management Tool. You can't use keywords that do not appear as suggested search keywords.
  • Search keyword suggestions are automatically extracted by the system based on user size (number of search users). Keywords that are offensive to public order and morals, such as adult keywords, don't appear in search keyword suggestions.
  • Search keyword suggestions update several times a week (except on weekends, holidays, year-end, and new year).

Create a search keyword list

Create a search keyword list

  1. From the top bar, click "Tools."
  2. In "Common library," click "Search keyword list."
  3. Click "Create Search Keyword List."
  4. Enter "Search keyword List name" and "Description (optional)."
  5. In "Find search keyword suggestions," select "By keyword" or "By URL."
  6. Enter any keyword or URL.
    When you select "By keyword" in Step 5, you can enter up to 200 keywords divided by line breaks.
  7. Click "View suggestions."
    The system searches for search keyword suggestions using a broad match option. To search using the exact match option, select "Exact match with entered keyword," then click "View suggestions." 
  8. From "Search keyword suggestions," select keywords that you want to add to the search keyword list.
    • You can add up to 500 search keywords.
    • You can remove the search keyword from the list by clicking the "×" at the right of each search keyword in the "Selected" field.
    • The "Search keyword suggestions" section shows the keywords you entered or available keywords that broadly match your entry.
    • You can view up to 500 search keyword suggestions. To view more than 500 suggestions, click "Show more."
    • You can specify the following options: 
      Specify a duration to make your search keywords active.
      Specify the number of searches using the search keywords by the target audience within the specified duration.
    • To view suggestions in order of user size by device, sort by "User size (PC, smartphone, or tablet)."
    • To view newly added suggestions, sort by "Added."
  9. Click "Create."

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