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Matters to be included in the Privacy Policy

Conditions for Using Advertising Service Apply History Information of User Visits and Actions on Advertisers' Websites, apps, etc.

When using the service that applies the visit / action history information of users of advertiser's websites, apps, etc., the advertiser must display the following provisions on their own website (the site acquiring user visit and action history information).
Clearly explain these provisions at a place that is accessible with one or two actions from the top screen of the website, app, etc.

(1) An instruction that may use an ad display service provided by Yahoo or another third party. And, in such a case, Yahoo or another third party may acquire and/or use the user's visit/activity history information from the target website, etc. via cookies, etc.

(2) An instruction that all user visit/activity history information collected from the target website, etc. by the third party providing the ad display service will be used in accordance with the third party's privacy policy.

(3) An "opt-out" option that allows users to halt the use of their visit/activity history information collected by the third party from the target website, etc. is available from the third party that provides the ad display service.

(4) An instruction that the user can opt-out of the collection of his/her own visit/activity history information by setting cookies, etc.

At ●●<*Advertiser Name>, ads delivered by Yahoo! JAPAN Corporation or a third party may be displayed, and in relation to them, the third party may acquire and use cookies, advertising ID, and other information from users visit/activity on ●●.
The cookie information and advertising ID etc. acquired by this third party is handled in compliance with the third party's privacy policy.
Users can halt the use of the cookie information and advertising ID etc. to ad delivery by third party with following procedure.
  • For browsers
    Access the opt-out page on website of the third party
  • For apps
    Access the advertising ID setting screen
    For the details of setting, refer to the guidance on Apple, Google, etc. that provides OS for each device. 
This English version is merely a translation of the Japanese original prepared for your reference. The Japanese version is applied to the agreement between the Applicant and Yahoo Japan Corporation, and Yahoo assumes no responsibility whatsoever for inconsistencies of interpretation arising between the Japanese and English versions.