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Change Schedule Settings

You can set the period to deliver ads on campaign level on Search Ads.
Ads in the campaign will be automatically turned on or off according to the date set as Schedule, and it helps to promote your products in a specific period such as seasonal sales.

Changing Schedule Settings

  1. Click the "Search Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool > "Administration".
  2. Click the account from "Accounts" view.
  3. Click the campaign name to set a schedule in the list.
  4. Click "Campaign Settings" on the left side of the screen.
  5. Click the "Edit settings" at the bottom of the "Campaign Settings" screen.
  6. Click the "+Option Setting" under "Schedule Settings" and enter the start and end dates.
  7. Click the "Save Changes" button.
When setting a future date for existing campaign, keep the display setting of the campaign "On"
If you turn it "Off," it will not be turned on automatically even the date you set has arrived.


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