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How ads are delivered

When your Display Ads (Auction) get a chance of delivery, they go through “Ad Auction” that calculates “Auction Rank.” We determine ad deliveries based on this auction rank.
The following articles describe more details.

  1. When an internet user sees the website or app (smartphone or tablet) that has an ad place, we select available ads for that ad place.
    Here is how we select ads.

    • Targeting options
      The targeting options in your ad groups: where or when to deliver ads and the audience characteristics.
      We select the ads based on the targeting methods such as target demographic (age, gender), user actions (audience targeting, interest category), and placements (ad places, apps).
      Learn more details on Targeting Settings.

    • Ad type
      The ad type that matches the ad place.
  2. We deliver the ads selected in 1. in order of higher auction rank.

About auction rank

The auction rank is a multiplication of bid and ad quality. Learn more about the bid and ad quality in the following section.


  • Bid
    The bid of your campaign or ad group.
    When you use a bid adjustment rate, the bid is multiplied by the adjustment rate.
    Learn more about the bid adjustment rate on Set Bid Adjustment Rate for Each Targeting.


    When you use autobidding, the preceding description doesn’t apply. The autobidding adjusts bids to get as many conversions as possible while maintaining the target CPA.
    Learn more about Bid strategy (for Display Ads (Auction)


  • Ad quality
    Multiple factors such as ad performance and clicks determine the ad quality. Here are the factors of ad quality.

    • Impressions in the past
      The result of ad delivery (the ad had impressions) in the past.

    • Action rate
      An action rate shows the ratio of how many internet users reacted to your ads. Internet users' reaction means ad clicks.

    • Predicted action rate
      This rate indicates how many clicks your ads will get (paid video view for video ads). The past performance, such as click rate, determines the predicted action rate.
      Additionally, the predicted action rate uses the following factors:
       - Performance of each location
        The past performance of location targeting
       - Performance of each device
        The past performance of devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) targeting  
       - Relevance between ad texts and ad places
       - Relevance between ad contents and audience


      Auction rank is a dynamic value based on bid and ad quality and calculated on each potential ad delivery. It doesn’t appear as a specific value of each ad. Auction ranks don’t appear in the reports or ad list. When the ad quality is low, your ads may not show.

      Additionally, for Display Ads (Auction), we add algorithms to maximize campaign goals such as "Website traffic," or "Conversions." Finally, the auction rank is determined.
      The following table describes how each goal maximizes.



      Video view

      Optimize ad deliveries to get more video views.

      Website traffic

      Optimize ad deliveries to get more traffic (ad clicks).

      App promotion

      Optimize ad deliveries to get more conversions such as app install or first launch.


      Optimize ad deliveries to get more conversions.

      Item list promotion

      Optimize ad texts and deliveries to get more conversions.

      Brand awareness

      Optimize ad deliveries to maximize viewable impressions.

About daily budget and ad delivery

For Display Ads (Auction), the daily budget of your campaign affects ad deliveries.
The algorithm delivers ads while trying to maximize the campaign goal within the budget. When the daily budget is reaching the limit, the algorithm delivers more potential ads that can achieve the goal.

If the budget is too low or too high, the algorithm can’t work as expected. To let the algorithm work, set the right budget. You can find the right budget by checking the performance regularly.
 Budget adjustment and monthly maximum charge for Display Ads (Auction)  

Example calculation of auction rank

The auction rank changes in real-time based on the bid and ad quality. See the following examples:
*We put values for ad quality and auction rank for the explanation. They don’t appear in the reports or ad list.

Example 1-Difference of bids

Ad A: bid 100 JPY, ad quality 5
Ad B: bid 120 JPY, ad quality 5
→Ad B’s auction rank is higher and delivered.

Example 2-Impacts of ad quality

Ad C: bid 50 JPY, ad quality 10
Ad D: bid 100 JPY, ad quality 4
→Ad C’s auction rank is higher and delivered. When the ad quality is high, ads deliver with less bid.

Example 3-Impacts of bid adjustment rate

Ad E: bid 100 JPY, ad quality 5
  Raise 50% for smartphones using the device targeting
Ad F: bid 100 JPY, ad quality 5
→For smartphones, ad E’s auction rank is higher and delivered.

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