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How to start using Display Ads (YDN)

Display Ads (YDN) delivers ads based on our ad distribution technology on several Yahoo! JAPAN services such as News, Auction, Shopping, etc.. Yahoo! JAPAN partner sites are also option for your ad delivery. Once you got started YDN, you will be able to create ads (not only Text Ads, but also ads with image) and use several appropriate features for your marketing objective by strategic ad delivery for limited internet users.

Before start using Display Ads (YDN), please make sure whether you own an account for YDN. Click the "Display Ads" tab on the Campaign Management Tool, to confirm if you own or not.
If you have not yet completed applying Yahoo! JAPAN Ads, follow the steps described on the help topic below.
Sign up for Yahoo! JAPAN Ads

*When you have not yet created an account for YDN service, the account list on "Display Ads" tab shows the message ”No data" .

*If you can see any account information on the account list on "Display Ads" tab, you don't need to create new account.
Please make sure next step at "What is the next step after YDN account created".


Create a new YDN Account

  1. Click the "Display Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the [+Create Account] button at the right of the page.
    * You can use 2 [+Create Account] buttons, at the right and also at the bottom.
  3. Enter the required items and click the [Review] button.
  4. Review all entry items and click the [Submit] button.
    * To start campaign with the account, you also need to create a new campaign, pay for the account, setup the account role and so on. Please start settings after login to the created new account.
To create a new Account, you need Admin Access on the Campaign Management Tool. If you don't find the [+Create Account] button, please ask Administrator in your team.
If you have no idea about your Administrator, please contact us by the following support form.(Click here for Inquiry Form
Tool Administrator for Yahoo! JAPAN Business Manager (in Japanese language)


What is the next step after YDN account created

Before start ad delivery, you need to create your advertising campaigns and also need budgeting.
Following help topics will support you to know how to prepare before starting.
Payment Method
How to manage ads of Display Ads (YDN)
The deposit already paid to your Search Ads account can be transferred to your YDN account. See the following help topic to learn about details.
Fund transfer across accounts