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Conversion Analytics

This page describes the tracking conversion on websites in ad styles “Text ads”, “Display ads” and “Template ads”. For the conversion tracking of “Video ads”, see the following help page.
Conversion Analytics with Video Ads

See the following help topic for ad style.
Ad style

“Conversion” is an beneficial action for the advertisers made by the users who had clicked ads and visited the websites. Examples of conversions are purchasing a product, registering as a member or requesting materials, etc.
“Conversion” tracking is a function to track users who had completed these beneficial actions and calculate numbers, rates, and cost of conversions.
2 types of conversions available on YDN

  • Conversion on Website
    Tracks any outcome(purchasing products, applying for the membership, requesting the document, etc.) on your website through YDN ads.
  • App Install
    Tracks App install as a conversion.

■Conversion on Website
To track conversions on the website, conversion tracking tag needs to be set on your website.
When you set the conversion tracking tag correctly on your website, the conversion occurs when the visitor reached to completion page of purchasing/applying, etc.
Based on the visitor's browser cookie and login information, checking whether or not that the visitor clicked on your ad posted, and will count if the click occurred within the counting period (7 to 90days). The visitor's browser must be set to accept cookies, however.
Also with tracking method using cookie and login information will enable you to count conversions that were made across devices such as PC and smartphone.
Conversion Analytics requires the correct settings on the Campaign Management Tools and also on the advertiser's website. See more details on the following topic to know How to setup Conversion Analytics.
First Setting of Conversion Tracking for Website

  • On June 20, 2018, following item on conversion tracking tag has been changed.
    <Before> yahoo_ydn_conv_amount
    <After> yahoo_ydn_conv_value
    You can continue using existing tag when tracking conversion before the change.
  • Conversion tracking has been updated on June 20, 2018. With this change, the following settings have been applied to conversion settings created before the change. Please confirm and edit the settings if necessary.
    -‘Conversion counting’ : Include
    -‘Counting type’ : Many per click

■App Install
To track App Install as a conversion, third party tool integrated with YDN is needed. Conversion tracking tag is not needed. Please refer the following page for the details.
First Setting for Tracking App Install (Conversion)

Conversion Analytics data will be available on the "Tools", "Campaigns" or "Report" tabs  on the Campaign Management Tool. See the following help topic to learn the detail.
How to Review Conversion Data