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Why my ad is not displayed?

When your ad of Display Ads (YDN) is not displayed, the following reasons can be considered. If your ads are not displayed, check on following.

Display Settings is set as "Off"

Display settings (On / Off) can be made at the account, campaign, ad group and ad level. Therefore, even if ad itself is set as "On", ad is not displayed when Display Settings for the higher level components may be set otherwise.
You can check Display Status of each ad by clicking the balloon in the "Display Status" column after clicking "Ad" under "Select Items" in the center of the screen on [Campaigns] tab.

If there is a level where Display Settings is "Off," refer to the following pages and change the settings if necessary.
Change Account Display Settings On or Off
Change Campaign Display Settings On or Off
Change Ad Group Display Settings On or Off
Change Ad Display Settings On or Off

Account Balance is "0"

If the Account Balance reaches "0" (zero), your Ads will not be displayed. Please check your Account Balance and make payments accordingly.
Payment Methods and Procedures (Domestic Wire Transfer/Credit Card)

Ad/image is Pending, or Declined after Editorial Review

For each ad and image added to campaign, we perform editorial reviews via the system and visual inspection. It can take up to 3 business days to deliver ads that you submitted. When ad and/or image is pending review, and when ad is suspended or declined due to review, the Ads will not be distributed.
When Advertisement Editorial Guidelines is updated, ads and images currently being displayed will also be subject to Editorial Review. If the review indicates that your ad and/or image violates our policy, we will stop displaying the ad. Learn more how to check Editorial Status on the following help pages.
How to Check Editorial Status for YDN
How to check Images Editorial Review Status

Campaign Daily Budget

YDN System controls the frequency of ads being displayed so that campaign’s click charge gets closer to Campaign Daily Budget. Therefore, when the bid of ad group or ad in the campaign is high to Campaign Daily Budget, or when the user range of ad delivery set by Targeting is wide, the frequency will be low.

When Campaign Daily Budget and Bid are the same amount
Bid is the maximum amount paid per single click. Therefore, when Campaign Daily Budget and Bid are the same amount, ad will be controlled to be displayed or not so that 1 click can be acquired per day, and the frequency will become low.

To increase frequency of displaying your ads, consider the following:

  • Review the Bid amount for ad group and ad added to the campaign
  • Review Targeting Setting and Frequency Cap limit set to ad group and campaign
  • Increase Campaign Daily Budget
    * Decide a goal for clicks per day, and set the Bid as the amount obtained by dividing Campaign Daily Budget by the number of clicks.

Learn more details on the following help pages.
YDN Campaign Daily Budget
Daily Budget / Bid by Component
Targeting Overview
Frequency Cap

Targeting settings

When you narrow down the users using Targeting feature too much, ad Impressions may decline and your ads may not be displayed. Please review your Targeting Settings to make sure your ads are delivered to more Internet Users.
Learn more details of Targeting on the following help page.
Targeting Overview

Low "Ad Quality" and Bid

YDN runs “Ad auction” every time an ad is delivered. In Ad auction, whether your ad is displayed or not is determined by "Auction Rank" calculated based on the bid and ad quality.
By increasing your Bid, your Auction Rank can increase, which can improve frequency of displaying your ads.
Learn more details on the following help pages.
How Ads are Delivered
Ad Quality