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You can add labels to components such as campaigns and ads on the Campaign Editor for Display Ads.


There are 3 ways to add labels on the Campaign Editor.

This page describes procedures for adding an image file by entering the setting items.

Enter items and add labels

  1. Click “Common Library” at the lower left side in the Campaign Editor main window.
  2. Select “Labels” in the Common Library window displayed.
  3. Click “Add label” in the operation menu at the top of the data area.
  4. Label field is added at the the data area, and you can set each item in the data details area or data area.

    Item Name


    (1) Label Name

    Enter label name to identify labels within 80 characters. _Required item.

    (2) Label color

    Select label color You can select from 20 colors displayed.

    (3) Description

    Enter description to identify labels. Optional.

  5. Upload the added labels to the Campaign Management Tool.
    Reflecting the labels added in Campaign Editor to the Campaign Management Tool by uploading. Learn more details of uploading on following page.
    Upload data
Error details will be displayed in the upper portion of the data details area if an error occurs.

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