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What is ad display option

The ad display option displays additional information at the bottom of Search Ads. You can add a variety of additional information such as links to the specific web page or a phone number link in addition to the title, description, display URL, and landing page URL.
The following topics describe the kinds of ad display options.

*Stopped adding, editing, and removing previous ad display options on June 8, 2022. Stop associating with them on June 29, 2022, and remove previous ad display options from the list view of ad display options at the end of July 2022.
Check the release note for the details.

Types of Ad display options

Available options and description is listed below. Sample ads are in Japanese to look like actual ads.


QuickLinksYou can set different URL link from the link in the title.
Following ad sample has three QuickLinks with マカロン (macaron) - ロールケーキ (cake roll) - ゼリー詰め合わせ (assorted jelly candy). If a user is looking for macaron, he/she can directly visit the web page introduces macaron. Therefore, you can expect an increase of CTR.


Displays your phone number at the bottom of the ad.
When the ad is displayed on smartphone, a user can make a phone call directly by tapping the phone number.


Additional text without URL link. You can add information to the title or description.
The following ad says "From Madeleine cakes, cream puffs to NY style cheese cakes, we offer variety of cakes!".

Displays terms matching with Category of your product/service. You can appeal the difference of your service from the competitor.
The following ad has "タイプ(type)" as Category, and_ロールケーキ (cake roll),_マカロン (macaron), フルーツタルト (fruit tart) as Text.

Different options can be displayed at the same time. See the following sample ad.
<Sample; Ad Display Option (PC/Tablet)>

category text sample image

<Sample; Ad Display Option (Smartphone)>
Ad sample

Cost of ad display option

When the ad display option is displayed and clicked or tapped for multiple times, you will be charged as much as it is clicked or tapped.

When one QuickLink and one Call Extension are displayed:
  • Charged for 1 click when the ad is clicked
  • Charged for 2 clicks when the ad is clicked 1 time and QuickLink is clicked 1 time.
  • Charged for 3 clicks when the ad is clicked 1 time, QuickLink is clicked 1 time, and Call Extension is clicked 1 time.

How to use Ad display option

You can create and set up the ad display option with following steps. See the detailed steps on each help page.

1. Create Ad display option
Create Ad display option under the account level. Depending on the kind of Ad display option, steps vary. Lear more the details on each help page.
Create Ad Display Option (QuickLinks)
Create Ad Display Options (Call Extensions)
Create Ad Display Options (Callout)
Create Ad Display Option (Category Text)

2. Set up Ad display options to the campaign or ad group
To display the options created, set up to the campaign or ad group that contains the ad you want to add Ad display option.
Setup of Ad Display Option

3. Check the performance of Ad display option
You can check the performance of Ad display option on "Analytics" tab.
Analytics on Ad Display Option

You can learn more about Ad display option on following help category.
Add ad display option

Restrictions and limits on Ad display option

Ad Display Option is managed by each account.
Up to total of 5,000,000 options per account, including Data lines in Page URLs for Dynamic Ads for Search and Data Auto Insertion List for Ad Customizer can be added.
*You can create without limit with the new ad display options. The created new ad display options can’t be removed.
The maximum number of ad display options that can be associated with a campaign or ad group is as follows.

_Total number in an accountTotal number in a campaign
Setup to campaignUp to 50,000-
*With the new ad display options you can associate up to 20 options with status "On" and up to 2,000 with "Off" for each campaign.
No limit for the entire account.
Setup to ad groupUp to 250,000Up to 9,000
*With the new ad display options you can associate up to 20 options with status "On" and up to 2,000 with "Off" for each ad group.
No limit for the entire account.


  • Multiple Ad Display Options are setup to a single campaign or an ad group. In this case, multiple options may be displayed on a single ad.
  • Campaigns or ad groups in an account can be setup to the specific Ad Display Options.
  • If a campaign and an ad group under the campaign are set to Ad Display Options, the ad group will have priority.
  • Ad Display Options may not be displayed in some cases.
  • Ad quality, position, etc. will affect how Ad Display Options appear.
  • Ad Display Option cannot be set up on Campaign ad Ad Group under “Mobile App Download Campaign”

*Images are for illustration purposes only.

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