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Conversion Analysis for App Download Ads

You can set up the following actions to measuring the conversion when you create a new conversion analytics.

Track app downloads
Track in-app actions

The steps differ depending on the measurement timing.

Track app downloads

Measure app downloads as conversions.
When you create a new app download campaign, a conversion analytics with the measurement timing of "App download" will be created automatically. Details of the automatically created conversion setting will be below.
*When conversion analytics with the measurement timing "app download" already exists with the same package name, it will not be created automatically.

Conversion name“auto_created_conversion_package name (first 50 letters)_10 digit number (auto generated)”
The timing "action you'd like to track"App downloads
for Auto BiddingInclude
*Setting will be created as “For Auto Bidding: Exclude” only when a conversion setting for conversion type “First App Activation” exists with “For Auto Bidding: Include”.
Value per conv.0

Track in-app actions

You can measure In-app action, such as users’ purchasing products and membership registrations, as one of the conversion types. You need to install app measurement tool to measure this information.
Available vendor tools and using methods are as follows.
List of available app tracking tools
Steps to use
Overview of Conversion Analytics

List of available app tracking tools

Metaps Inc.Metaps Analytics
adjust KKAdjust




*As of December 2021.

Steps to use

1. Create link ID to associate to your app measurement partner. [Campaign Management Tool]

Create link ID on the Campaign Management Tool. The link ID is an ID for managing the associations of Search Ads account, app, and app measurement partner.
Refer to “Link your Search Ads account with app measurement partner” to create link IDs.

2. Share the link ID to your app measurement partner

You need to share the link ID to your app measurement partner. Your app measurement partner can send conversion request by using the link ID.

3. Create conversion analytics [Campaign Management Tool]

Create new conversion analytics on the Campaign Management Tool.
・Action you'd like to track
 Select “Event type loaded from app measurement partners”.
・Event type
 Event types that were set by your app measurement partner can be selected.

Contact the provider of your ad measurement tool to confirm the details of event types.

Refer to “New Conversion Settings for Mobile App Download” for the steps in details.


Overview of Conversion Analysis (case: App First Open)

A package includes the programming parts for software development

*2 : Ad event ID, etc.
“Ad event ID” is an unique ID given to the conversion request sent by your app measurement partner. When we return the result to the app measurement partner, we will link the information such as the keyword and account ID that caused the conversion together with the ad event ID.

  • You cannot conduct conversion analysis for app for iOS, but for Android.
  • At the time when create a conversion analytics with the timing “action you’d like to track” both of “app download” and "event loaded from app measurement partners" with the event type "first_open" for the same app (package), it is not possible to use both for auto bidding.
  • Conversion analysis for app download ads is available only if the users download your app through “Google Play Store App”, but not through “Google Play Store” on web browsers
  • Yahoo! JAPAN do not support how to make settings of ad measurement tool and the tool specification details. When you have questions about the setting procedure of tracking tools and tool designs, please contact your tool provider.