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What is “Estimated Remaining Days”?

“Estimated Remaining Days” is an item to show the estimated days that enables to display your ad based on your Account Balance.

  • “Estimated Remaining Days” is calculated by Account Balance and average CPC (Average Cost per Click).
  • Average CPC is the average cost per click in the recent three days of past one month that received Impressions.
  • When your Account Balance is zero, or not having been charged any CPC, “Estimated Remaining Days” cannot be shown because it cannot be calculated.


Steps to check “Estimated Remaining Days”

Following steps are to make sure “Estimated Remaining Days.

  1. Click the "Search Ads" tab on the Campaign Management Tool, then click the "Administration" tab.
  2. Click the account name from the account list to check “Estimated Remaining Days”.Account List
  3. See the “Estimated Remaining Days” appeared on “Account Overview” field on the upper screen.
”Estimated Remaining Days” can be shown in “Account Balance” tab.


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