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Operation history

In operation history, you can refer to the history of operations performed using the Campaign Management Tool.
The user who has admin or edit role can use operation history. History of operations up to the previous day can be referred.

Operation history for "page URL" of page feed used on Dynamic Ads for Search is not available.

Creating Download File

You can specify the data with several conditions to create the download file of operation history.

  1. Click the "Search Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the "Tools" tab and select "Operation History".

    Or click the "Tools" tab and click the "Operation History" on tools List.
  3. On the operation history page, click the "Create Download File" button.
  4. Enter the information required to create the new download file.

    • Subject account:
      You can select the account.
    • Period:
      You can select a target period within the last 3 months.
      For Search Ads: max. 31 days can be specified.
      For Display Ads: max. 2 weeks can be specified.
    • Process:
      You can assign a name to the file for downloading. (50 characters or less)
    • Operation history type:
      To check when you created or removed elements, select "Regular Operation History." You can narrow down the data by selecting levels or elements.
      Learn more on "Operation History of Ad Customizers."
  5. Click the "Create" button, and the download file will be created.

*Screen images are for illustration purposes only.

Operation history file list

Displays a list of operation history download files created within the past 30 days.

  • Process
    The file name that is arbitrarily defined (set to "changehistory_downloaddate" by default).
  • Download
    Displays the creation status of each file.
    - Creating:
      A download file that is being created. The creation progress level is displayed as a percentage within parentheses.
    - System Error:
      Shown if the creation of a download file fails due to a system error.
      If "System Error" is displayed, wait for a while and download again.
    - Download (CSV) :
      The file creation has been completed. Click the link to download the file.
  • Creation Start Time
    The date and time when the creation of each download file was started are displayed.
  • Creation Complete Time
    The date and time when the creation of each download file was completed are displayed.
  • Created by
    The name of the administrator who created each operation history download file is displayed.


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