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Day of Week / Hours Targeting

You can deliver ads or change bids during the time you specified. 
For example, you can deliver (or adjust bid for) ads only in the morning and the late afternoon to target audience who are commuting or on weekends and holidays to target audience relaxing.
*This setting is based on JST.

Setting Day of Week / Hours
"Day of Week / Hours" targeting is available for campaigns and ad display options.
To use this feature, go to settings or editing page. Following pages describes how to edit campaign or ad display options. 

Setting up screen
When you select "Set," the time table appears.
*The default setting is all days of week and hours.
*Light blue part in the table indicates the time when ads are delivered with 0% bid adjustment rate.

Specify Day of Week / Hours

From the left top of this section, click [Add New Setting].
Select the days and hours to deliver ads.
*Up to 6 schedules in 15 minutes unit.
*You can apply the same schedule to other days of week by selecting.

You can add schedule from the non-colored part in the table. 

Using bid adjustment rate for specified schedule

When you add a new schedule, click the ‘Bid Adjustment’ field and select "Increase by" or "Decrease by."  
The default is "Increase by 0%."
Available rates: 

  • Increase by : 0% - 900% (raise the bid from 0% to 900%)
  • Decrease by : 1% - 90%  (reduce the bid from 1% to 90%)

Bid adjustment rate is set for all keywords within the campaign. Actual bid amount is calculated by ‘keyword bid’ x ‘bid adjustment rate’.


You can review your setting in the table. 
 - Delivers with increased bid : blue
 - Delivers with decreased bid : red
 - No delivery : no color

- Delivers from Monday to Friday, 0:00 to 2:00 and 8:00 to 24:00 with bid adjustment "0%’." No ad delivery from 2:00 to 8:00.
- Raise the bid by 50% to deliver more ads from 8:00 to 24:00 on weekdays.
- Reduce the bid by 50% to deliver less ads on weekends. 
These setting looks like this in the table.
  • To deliver ads, bid adjustment setting is required. Non colored part in the table means your ads won't run.
  • Your ads may have less or no impressions if your schedule is too limited.
  • When you set the targeting schedules for both campaign and ad display option,
    it delivers the ad display option only on days and times when both the campaign and the associated ad display option settings overlap.
  • When you set schedules for both campaign (to create ads to add data) and data assignment list of Ad customizer, ads deliver at time when both schedules overlap.
  • Bid adjustment rate for "Day of Week / Hour" targeting won't apply when you use Auto bidding type "Target CPA" or "Target ROAS."

Available elements

"Day of Week / Hours" targeting is available for campaigns and ad display options.
Lean more on following help pages.
Create Campaign (for Standard)
Edit Campaign Settings

Create Ad Display Option (QuickLinks)
Create Ad Display Options (Call Extensions)
Create Ad Display Options (Callout)
Create Ad Display Option (Category Text)
Edit Ad Display Option

Check results

The statistics by each day of week or hour is also available on the "Day of Week / Hours Targeting Report."
Create a Performance Report

To set this targeting while reviewing each statistics, see Review Statistics and Edit Settings for Each Targeting (Campaign).

When creating a campaign you can copy the settings of Day of Week / Hours Targeting from an existing campaign.
Click "Options (copy settings of 'Day of Week/Hours' from an existing campaign)" to display the campaigns to copy.

Click the campaign to copy and "OK" at the right. The settings of Day of Week/Hours will be applied.
Note that all campaigns will be displayed including campaigns that have no geo targeting set.

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