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How to review downloaded files on Download List

The Download List page provides you opportunity to review the downloaded files of campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords created on the [Campaigns] tab, and those informations are downloadable on the List page.

Review downloaded files on Download List

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab of the Campaign Management tool.
  2. Click the [Campaigns] tab.
  3. Click the [Download] button on the middle, then click the "Download List" on the top.
  4. Review the download files on the Download List page.*The status of the download files is displayed as follows:
    • Download (CSV) :Creating the download file is completed. You can click and download the file.
    • Creating : Creating the file. The percent complete is indicated.
    • System Error : The file creation failed with any system error. Please retry .
    • Timeout :The file creation failed with system timeout. Please wait for a while and try again.