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Create Dynamic Ads for Search

You can create Dynamic Ads for Search with following flow.

Once the ad has been reviewed, ad delivery usually begins in 1-3 days, up to a maximum of 2 weeks.
  1. Create page feed * Only when setting a page feed for the campaign
    Before setting up a page feed for a campaign, it is necessary to create a page feed with the domain, page URL, and custom label (optional) entered.
    For the details about how to create page feed, see the topics below.
    Create Page Feed
    Create Page Feed [Campaign Editor]
    With Dynamic Ads for Search, the system crawls only web pages specified with page URL.

    When you add “” as page URL, only “” will be crawled.
    The webpages under the page URL will not be crawled.

    Dynamic Ads for Search uses a crawler under agent name in addition to one used for Search Ads.
    • AdsBot-Google
    • AdsBot-Google-Mobile

    About a crawler used for Search Ads, see the page below.
    Yahoo! Ads crawler
    We do not provide the details of the crawler such as when and how often. In addition, you cannot check whether the crawling has completed or not.
    • When you are running Dynamic Ads for Search along with campaign type ‘Standard’ or ‘Mobile App Download’ in the same account, the ads delivered will be different.
      _ Campaign Type
      The match type of a keyword added for Standard or Mobile App Download campaign.

      Standard Campaign

      Mobile App Download Campaign

      Dynamic Ads for Search

      Exact Match The possibility of delivering ad is high. The possibility of delivering ad is low.
      Broad Match Rank of ad auction determines which ad to deliver.
      Modified Broad Match
      Phrase Match

      Example 1:
      When the user entered a search query that had been added as ‘Exact Match’ in the standard campaign, the ad added on the standard campaign is more likely to be delivered.
      Example 2:

      When the user entered a search query that had been added as ‘Broad Match’ in the standard campaign, the ad to be delivered is determined by rank of ad auction.

      For the details of how ads are delivered such as rank of ad auction, see the page below.
      Basic of Ad appearance with Keyword selection
    • Rank of ad auction is determined by bid set in the ad group or targeting setting, and ‘Ad Quality’. For ad quality factors, see the topic below.
      Ad Position
  2. Create campaign
    Create a campaign with the campaign type “Dynamic Ads for Search”. When creating, specify the website for ad delivery with domain or page feed.
    For information about how to create a campaign, see the help topic below.
    Create Campaign (Dynamic Ads for Search)
    Create Campaigns [Campaign Editor]

  3. Create ad group
    Create an ad group under the campaign described in above "2."
    When creating an ad group, you must set the "targeting setting" criteria for the page that appears when users click your ad from the domain or page feed set with your campaign. (When using the Campaign Editor, set it separately on 'Targeting setting' tab.)
    Check following help topic for how to create:
    Create ad groups
    Create Ad Group (Campaign Editor)
    Add / Edit Targeting Setting [Campaign Editor]

  4. Create ad
    Create an ad under the campaign described in above "3."
    To create an ad, you need to enter the description. For information about how to create an ad, see the help page below.
    Create ads (Dynamic Ads for Search)
    Create Ads [Campaign Editor]

    • The ad you created will be reviewed. It takes about 3 business days for editorial review. Check the editorial status on the Campaign Management Tool.
      How to Check Editorial Status for Search Ads
    • For Dynamic Ads for Search, required notations such as “under 18 prohibited”, “opinion advertisements” must be clearly indicated in the description of ads since the title will be generated by the system.
    • When you changed the structure such as content title or content itself of webpage that is added as page URL, the title to be generated will be automatically changed. Any operation by the advertiser such as adding ads again is not needed. It may take several weeks for the title to be changed depending on the webpages you added.