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What is QuickLinks

QuickLinks enables you to add more URL link different from Landing Page URL at the lower part of your ads. Quicklinks can take people to specific pages on your website, will help to improve conversion rate by showing the page link of useful contents.
QuickLinks is composed of title (QuickLink Text), description (QuickLink description), Display URL (Landing Page URL, etc. “Expanded QuickLinks” shows both of QuickLink Text and QuickLink description.
Maximum number of available QuickLinks is 6 (in case of displayed on the top of search result page).
QuickLinks will be displayed in order that will be clicked more.

Sample of QuickLinks

QuickLinks only

Shown in the figure surrounded by a dotted line.

Sample of QuickLinks and QuickLink description

QuickLink description may be shown when your ads are displayed on the absolute top of search result page. In this case, 2 or 4 QuickLinks are shown. Same add are shown at the bottom of the page.
QuickLink description is not displayed every time when your ad is delivered, however it will help to take internet users to the destination page since it provides additional information about your site structure and page contents. It is recommended to enter a text for QuickLink description.

Best practice of QuickLinks

Enable a link by geographic location

The large chain store and service provider deploying over several locations can show a direct link for each location on ads by using QuickLinks.

Show a specific page for each product / service

QuickLinks can be put a specific page link for a product and a service category.

Show a seasonal link by using schedule feature

Ad display option provides scheduling feature to set start and end date of ad delivery. Using multiple ad display option with several start and end dates, you can show your ads for user’s seasonal needs.
Sample of displaying ads in December and February.

Learn more about how to create QuickLinks on “Create Ad Display Option (QuickLinks)