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Account structure and what is required for Dynamic Ads for Search

Following entities are required for delivering Dynamic Ads for Search.

Keywords are not needed because Dynamic Ads for Search will automatically set keywords with a URL you specified.

  1. Page Feed
    Page Feed is the list of URLs of the website you want to promote when delivering Dynamic Ads for Search. * When specifying “Entire domain” for the campaign, it is not necessary.
    For details of page feed, see the following topics.
    What is Page Feed
  2. Campaign type with Dynamic Ads for Search
    To deliver your Dynamic Ads for Search, you need to set exclusive campaign for Dynamic Ads for Search.
    Set ‘Dynamic Ads for Search’ as campaign type.
    When creating a campaign of Dynamic Ads for Search, set the domain of the website for ad delivery or set the page feed created in (1).

    • When specifying page feeds, multiple page feeds with matching domains can be set.
    • Up to 60 page feeds can be set for a campaign.
  3. Ad Group for Dynamic Ads for Search
    In ad group, you can define items such as bid and targeting setting.
    In Targeting setting, set conditions to be or not to be a landing page (the page where ad displayed when user clicks the ad) of Dynamic Ads for Search for web pages under the domain set to campaigns and in page feeds.
    Learn more about targeting setting on the page below.
    What is Targeting setting

    Targeting setting is also available for campaigns with conditions for exclude only.
    The bid is set on ad group or targeting setting.
    When the bid is set both for ad group and targeting setting, the bid for targeting setting is used.
  4. Dynamic Ads for Search
    For Dynamic Ads for Search, you only need to enter ad description.
    • For Dynamic Ads for Search, you cannot use a keyword insertion feature.
    • Following items are not needed as they will be automatically generated or specified. 
      • Title
      • Display URL
      • Landing page URL
      • Smartphone landing page URL

See the following help topic to learn how to create Dynamic Ads for Search.

Create Dynamic Ads for Search

Websites that cannot be used for Dynamic Ads for Search

Dynamic Ads for Search crawls the advertisers’ webpages to automatically generate ad title.  Therefore, following webpages may not be used.

  • Redirecting URLs
  • Websites made mostly with flash contents or images
  • Websites made mostly with contents that require user login
  • Websites that block crawler
  • Website that does not allow the index for search engines