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From the “Account List,” you can review your account information for Search Ads, Display Ads, and MCC. You can review information such as account status, account ID, settings. You can also check data such as total cost and the account balance, and the performance data.

How to Review the Account List

  1. For Search Ads click the "Search Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool > "Administration"
    For Display Ads click the "Display Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool > "Tools" at the top right > "Accounts" of "Account and access"
  2. The list of accounts will be displayed.

See the following details on each item in the Account list view.

(1)"Search Ads," "Display Ads," and "MCC" tab

You can select the account type to display in the list.

(2)"Create account"

You can create new accounts. Click "Create account" and select the account type (Search Ads, Display Ads, MCC) .
*This is available only to customers who can create and manage multiple accounts.


You can select the duration for the performance data in the list (for Display Ads only).

  • "This month (excluding today)"is not displayed on the first day of every month. Try after the second day of the month.
  • The data for "Today" is not fixed. To check the finalized data, refer to the performance data and performance report by selecting the duration with "excluding today."
  • Only when "This month (excluding Today)" is selected for the display period, "Account balance," "Estimated remaining days," and "Average cost / day" data are displayed.


You can edit the columns to be displayed in the list.


[Data in CSV file]

You can download the performance data you see in the CSV file.

Items displayed as "%" on the list view, such as "Conversion Rate," will be divided by 100 in the downloaded file.

[Go to Download account information]
You can download the account information.
Following informations under the account can be downloaded.
 - "Display Ads" tab: costs, fee, etc. of the account
 - "Search Ads" tab: account settings and actual performance data.
  *This feature is available for limited accounts only.

(6) ”Status”

The ad delivery status of the account is indicated by the color of the icon.

  • On: green
  • Off: white

You can change the ad delivery settings by selecting "On" or "Off" from the menu that appears when you click on the icon.

(7) ”Account name”

For ad accounts, click on the account name to display the list of campaigns under the account. For MCC accounts, ad accounts under the MCC will be listed.

(8) ”Account settings”

Click "Settings" to display the account settings view.

(9) ”Account Status”

Account status is displayed.

  • Under review: The ad account is under review.
  • Need confirmation: The ad account is ready. You need to confirm.
  • Active: The account is active.
  • Service suspended: The account is suspended for some reason.
  • Ended: The account is canceled. The service will "end" for invoice accounts when the account's ad delivery end date is passed.

(10) “Account balance”

Shows the balance status of the account.

  • The "Account balance" will show the amount after subtracting the estimated consumption tax
    For invoice accounts the amount before the consumption tax is subtracted will be displayed.
  • The "Account balance" is the balance as of a few hours ago.