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Change Account Settings

This page describes how to change account settings such as Account name, Display settings, URLs, Authentication for Editorial Review, Primary Business Contact.

Change Account Settings
You can modify following account settings:

Change Account Settings

  1. Click the [Search Ads] / for YDN: "Display Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the "Administration" tab.
  3. Click the "Review" button for the account you want to edit.
  4. On the opened "Account Settings" screen, click the "Change Account Settings" button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Edit the settings and then click the "Review" button.
  6. Check the changes you made and then click the "Submit" button to complete.
You can also perform this procedure by using the "Account Settings" link in the [Campaigns] on Search Ads or Display Ads tab.

You can modify following account settings:

  • Account name
    You can change the account name. The account name has to be the same as the site owner as displayed on the web site being advertised.
  • Display Settings
    You can change the ad display status for Search Ads / Display Ads. To change display setting, select On or Off.
    – On:Starts displaying ads (The ad is not displayed when the display status under campaign is set 'Off')
    – Off:Stop displaying ads
  • URL (only for Search Ads)
    You can change the URL(*) which you set upon application for the clicked ads when you created the account. Note that changing the URL setting for the account does not impact to the "Display URL" nor "Destination URL" set for already existing ads on the account. Please add or delete ads if necessary to modify URLs all.
    * Existing ads cannot be modified (including title, description, and URLs).
    (*) With some accounts URLs cannot be changed.
  • Authentication for Editorial Review
    You can modify the authentication ID and password for your website, that is required when the editorial reviewer browses the website.
  • Primary Business Contact (Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID)
    You can change the user to receive emails.
    Alert and notifications on campaigns/seminars will be sent to the contact Business ID.
    When you need to set a new user as Primary Contact, set the existing user first, then change the account settings to the new user.
    Learn more details of how to add a user on "How to Add New Users" part of the following help page.
    Manage account access
  • To receive an email notification when your account balance starts getting low, see "Advertiser Information" section and select the checkbox 'Receive information by email'. Display Ads doesn't have email notification for zero account balance.
  • Regardless of selecting the 'Receive information by email,' you receive following emails:
    - Notifications of Display Ads account
    - Notifications of removed or restarted ads etc. due to the review
    *Doesn't notify declined or paused ads etc.
    Learn more about the review status on Information on Editorial Status.


  • URL options (only for Search Ads)
    All of ads created on the account can be enabled the Tracking URL setting. Learn more details of Tracking URL on the following help page.
    Tracking Information (Tracking URL and Custom Parameter)
  • Auto-tagging
    The "Auto-tagging" adds "YCLID" parameter to URL of ads when clicked by internet users. It works when the tagging is "Set" on account level.
    Some websites do not allow any URL parameter. Therefore an error may occur when Auto-tagging is "Set" for those websites. Please ask the administrator of the website or test the behavior by clicking ads with Auto-tagging "Set".

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