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Video Player Specifications (PC)

*Display Ads (Guaranteed) is available for specific advertisers.

Learn more about specifications for video players for smartphones from this page.
For Display Ads (Guaranteed) , see Cautions/Ad behavior Display Ads (Guaranteed).

Video Player Specifications

* Mouseover displays the video player controls. The functions of each button are as shown below.
 * Audio ON / OFF button: Turns the audio ON or OFF. The default setting is OFF.
   * For video with no sound, "この動画には音声はありません(This video has no sound)" will show as a note after mouseover and the audio ON / OFF button can't be used.
 * Play / stop button: Plays or stops the video. The video is played automatically when displayed, and can be paused and resumed at will.
 * Progress Indicator: Shows the video playback progress. The progress bar has no seek bar function - it can’t be used to select the desired playback position.
 * Enlarge / reduce button: Expanding the video switches it to full-screen display and automatically turns the audio ON.
  * For Safari and some browsers, enlarge button will not show and full-screen mode won't work.
 *Video length: Shows "seconds played/ total length."

* During the full-screen display, the player controls are continually displayed outside the video screen (at the bottom).
* The function and design of the operation section are the same in full-screen mode.
*All specifications and designs may be subject to change.