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Information Icons

*Display Ads (Auction and Guaranteed) is available for specific advertisers.

Information Icons

To ensure Internet user privacy along with opportunities for profitable ad distribution, Yahoo! JAPAN is increasingly including information icons in ads as a way to let Internet users opt out (disable behavioral targeting ads).
As a member of JIAA, we will continue to create guidelines and engage in promotion / awareness activities to ensure the sound growth of the Internet advertising market.

Display Position, Behavior

The information icon is displayed at the top-right corner (see Note 1). of the ad frame.
This icon is included in the specifications for banners distributed by Yahoo! JAPAN, so it does not need to be incorporated into creatives.
*Note 1 Display position and ad behavior will vary depending on the ad placement and ad format.


 <Case: Banner (Image)(1:1)>
 (1)The information icon is displayed at the top-right corner of the banner.
     (2) A mouseover on the information icon displays the text "Yahoo! Japan Ad".
          A click guides the user to a questionnaire or behavioral targeting ad explanatory page.