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Check Ad Effectiveness

Once your ad starts running, check the effectiveness of your ad, such as how many users see your ad and how many users who see your ad visit the linked page.
Here, we will explain the basic index for checking the effectiveness of ads and how to check them.

Indexes to remember
Check the basic index with the Campaign Management Tool

Indexes to remember

In order to check the effectiveness of the ads, you can use various indexes according to the purpose.
First, remember the basic indexes introduced here.

  • Impressions (number of times the ad was posted)
    It's an index of how many users your ad has reached. The more impressions it has, the more users your ad was delivered.
    You can use viewable impression (Impressions when an ad is displayed in the visible area of ​​an internet user) that relates indexes to analyze whether your ad is "seen but not clicked" or "not seen and not clicked". Learn more about the detail of viewable impressions on “Viewable impressions


  • Clicks (number of times displayed ad was clicked)
    It's an index of how many users your ad was able to attract to the linked page. The more clicks you have, the more users will see the linked page.

  • CTR (percentage of ads delivered that were clicked)
    An index of how easily your ad is clicked by your users. The higher the click-through rate, the more interesting the ad is.
    Click rate (%) = Click count / impression count x 100

  • Conversions (The number of users who clicked on the delivered ad and took specific actions such as purchasing products or requesting materials.)
    It's an index of how tangible your ads are. The higher the conversion rate, the higher the performance of your ad.

  • Total cost (total amount of click charges for any period)
    The total amount of money that is incurred when an ad is clicked by a user.

  • Average CPC (Average cost per click. The average price you pay each time your ad is clicked)
    Average value you paid each time your ad was clicked. Since the price per click fluctuates, the total cost amount is calculated by dividing by the number of clicks.
    Avg. CPC = Total cost / Clicks

The figure below shows the relationship between the number of impressions, the number of clicks, and the number of conversions, as compared to the behavior when a customer purchases a product at an actual store. After understanding the meaning of each index, let's check the effectiveness of the ad.

Check the basic indexes with the Campaign Management Tool

On the Campaign Management Tool, you can check the basic indexes on the view quickly, Learn about the steps on “Check performance data

  • If the number of impressions is sufficient, but the number of clicks (the number of customers) is small, the ad is running but not linked to clicks. It is possible to increase the number of customers by reviewing the content of ads and targeting settings.
    Maximize ad performance
  • To count conversions, you need to set a conversion tag on the page where the user's actions are completed, such as purchasing a product or requesting materials
    Conversion Analytics
    First Setting of Conversion Tracking for Website


We introduced how to easily check the effectiveness of ads on the view of the Campaign Management Tool.
Use performance reports to check operational status on a regular basis with more detailed data. Learn more details on “What is performance report