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What is view-through conversion

View-through conversions indicate the number of actions (purchase, membership registry, document request, etc.) by users who didn't click your ads nor view videos. They reached your site with a different path.

View-through conversions help your web marketing by tracking the indirect advertising effectiveness of Display Ads.

Notes on view-through conversions
How view-through conversions count
Check view-through conversions

Notes on view-through conversions

  • View-through conversion won't affect counting other conversion-related metrics such as “Conv. value” and “Conv. rate.”
  • The definition of a view (ad appearance) is the same as "viewable impressions." It refers to when an ad appears in an internet user's visible area. *An ad is considered to be in a visible area when more than 50% of the ad appears continuously for more than one second. Learn more about Viewable Impressions.
  • "View-through conversion window" is one day (24 hours from the view), and you can't change it.
    View-through conversion window refers to the time between ad appearance and conversion.
  • View-through conversions count when the views are recorded, not when the conversions are recorded.
  • Only fixed values of view-through conversions appear as data. For this reason, you may find old data in the list for each element.
  • View-through conversions are not included in "Conversions" or "Recent conversion."
  • Tracking view-through conversions is available also for app install, but it requires installing a tracking tool. Learn more about First Setting for Tracking App Install (Conversion)

How view-through conversions count

  1. Associate impressions in the "View-through conversion window"

  2. Associate the latest impression when the same ad has multiple impressions
  3. Associate the latest impression before the conversion
  4. Not counting impressions that aren't in the "View-through conversion window"

  5. Not counting clicks or conversions (that have impressions) after video views, but counting them as ordinary conversions
  6. Associate the latest impression when multiple ads have multiple impressions
  7. Not counting clicks or conversions (that have multiple impressions) after video views and clicks, but counting them as ordinary conversions
  8. Not counting clicks or conversions (that have the latest impression) after video views and clicks, but counting them as ordinary conversions

Check view-through conversions

You can check the number of view-through conversions, in addition to other conversion metrics, on the list of elements (such as a campaign) and performance reports.
Learn more details on the following help pages:
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