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Conversion path report

"Conversion path report" is a report that shows the behavior of Internet users on ads leading to the conversion for conversions that occur under the account.

In this report, the user's behavior on ads and the campaign in which the ads where the behavior occurred are added are called "touchpoint". The "conversion path" is a time-series display of the points of contact leading up to conversion.
You can also check the number of ad display (viewable impression) in addition to clicks and video views. You can measure the contribution to conversions and brand awareness.

How to display a conversion path report


  1. In the upper right corner of the new platform, click the "Reports" (bar-graph icon.)

  2. Select "Conversion path" on the displayed "Reports" screen.

  3. Conversion path report screen appears. Set the following items for the report.
    * The relevant parts in the figure are displayed in alphabets.
    ・Lookback window (A)
    It is the period for which the conversion path is calculated. Set in the format of XX days from the time when the conversion occurred. Select from 30, 60, or 90 days.
    ・Viewable impressions (B)
    You can choose whether the report includes viewable impressions in the path or not. Select either "include" or "exclude".
    ・Reporting period (C)
    You can select the period for reporting. Up to 90 days.
    Click the date part and select the reporting period from the displayed menu.
    ・Filter (D)
    You can select or exclude specific campaigns to view the report.
    Click the "Add" button and select either "Campaign ID" or "Campaign name". Enter the campaign ID or campaign name, select the conditions, and press the "Apply" button.

  4. After selected all options, then click "View conversion path" (E) button.
  5. You can see the "Conversion path report".

The report shows the conversion path (the touchpoint that Internet users made before the conversion occurred), the number of conversions, and the value of the conversion. For each path, the touchpoints are displayed in chronological order from left to right, and the touchpoints that finally lead to conversion are displayed on the far right. You can view up to 20 touchpoints per path, going back to the touchpoints that led to the conversion.
To download reporting file in CSV format, click "Download (CSV)" button.

  • Data after September 1, 2020 can be aggregated. The lookup period is after August 1, 2020.
  • Conversions that occur on conversion tags that are set to "exclude" in the conversion column are not aggregated in the conversion path report.
  • The Conversion Path Report covers the data up to the previous day. Numbers may differ from those in the Performance Report, which covers data for the same day.
  • Although you can display maximum of 20 contacts per conversion path, when the contacts are all viewable impressions with "Exclude viewable impressions" deselected, and the clicks and video views are counted before that contact, they won't be displayed on the conversion path report. Because of this, the numbers in the conversion path report and the performance report may differ.
  • If it takes a long time to get the report, please shorten the aggregation period and try again.

Specify multiple accounts to display in the Conversion Path report

When you are using an MCC account, you can specify multiple accounts to display in the Conversion Path report.
You can select up to two accounts to display in the path after specifying one account as the target for tracking conversion. You can also select a Search Ad account.
You can select multiple accounts from the report view of the MCC account view. The steps are as follows.


  1. Select a MCC account in the Campaign Management Tool.

  2. Click "report" at the top right of the MCC account view.

  3. The "report" view will show. The following steps are the same as for the Conversion Path report.
    When creating a report for multiple accounts "Track conversions for"(accounts that conversions are to be counted and displayed) and "Include in path" will be displayed. Select the account to display.
  • When specifying multiple accounts, data from March 1, 2021 and after can be aggregated. It is the same when specifying Search Ads accounts. The maximum reporting period is 30 days.
  • The following restrictions apply when including and reporting Search Ads account.
    - Impressions measured by Search Ads are not viewable impressions, impressions will be displayed on the report.
    - Invalid clicks, etc. may be included in the reported numbers.
    - All conversions will be counted in the Conversion Path report, even if you set "One" in the conversion tag of your Search Ads.


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