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Cross-campaign reach report

“Cross-campaign reach report” is a report that allows you to select multiple campaigns, campaign goals, etc., and see the number of unique users for viewable impressions, clicks, and conversions that overlap by target or between targets.

In addition to the usual tabular and report downloads, you can view the data in a Venn diagram. This report makes it easier to understand the relevance of the target users.

When your MCC account manages multiple accounts, up to three accounts can create the cross-campaign reach report.
Learn more details on "Create cross-campaign reach report by specifying multiple accounts" at this page bottom.

How to display a cross-campaign reach report


  1. In the upper right corner of the new platform, click the "Reports" (bar-graph icon).
  2. Select "Cross-campaign reaches" on the displayed "Reports" screen.
  3. Cross-campaign reach report screen appears. Select for the following items.

    * The relevant parts in the figure are displayed in alphabets.

    • Type (A)
    Select the element to be reported. The following items can be selected, and you can select from 2 to 3 items.
    - Campaign
    Aggregate for individual campaigns. Click "View" (B) after selected "Campaign" at the "Type," then check the campaign to be aggregated.
    - Campaign goal
    Aggregate for individual campaign goals. It aggregates all campaigns for the same goal. Click "View" (B) after selected "Campaign goal" at the "Type," then check the campaign goal to be aggregated.
    - Campaign buying type
    Narrow down the campaigns by campaign buying type and aggregate them. You can choose the type from "Auction" and "Guaranteed."
    *The "Guaranteed" option is available only for limited advertisers.

    • Reporting period (C)
    You can select the period for reporting. Up to 90 days.
    Click the date part and select the reporting period from the displayed menu.
  4. After selected all options, then click "View cross-campaign reaches" (D) .
  5. You can see the "Cross-campaign reach report."
    You can check the following target name and items in the report.
    ・Viewable impression
    ・Video view
    ・Conversions (incl. view-through)
    ・Conversions (via click)
    ・View-through conversions
    The relationship between the objects is displayed on the right side with a Venn diagram.
    Click the target name of the report to highlight the same item in the Venn diagram. You can also click "Viewable impressions" to switch the Venn diagram to clicks and video playbacks or conversions.
    To download reporting file in CSV format, click "Download (CSV)."
  • Data after September 1, 2020 can be aggregated.
  • If it takes a long time to get the report, please shorten the aggregation period and try again.

Create cross-campaign reach report by specifying multiple accounts

When you are using an MCC account, you can display cross reach reports by specifying multiple accounts. You can specify up to three campaigns (or campaign purposes, or campaign buying types) from up to three accounts.
Search Ads account can be specified for aggregations. You can specify campaigns only in this case.
To specify and view multiple accounts, go to the MCC Accounts view and display the reports. The steps are as follows.


  1. Select MCC Account on the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. The MCC Account screen appears. Click "report" at the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. The "report" screen appears. The following steps are the same as Cross-campaign reach report.
  • When you specify multiple accounts, data from March 1, 2021 and after can be aggregated. It is the same when you specify Search Ads account only. The reporting duration is 30 days.
  •  When including and aggregating with Search Ads account, the following restrictions apply.
    - Because impressions measured by Search Ads are not viewable impressions, impressions are displayed instead.
    - The numbers may include invalid clicks, etc.
    - All conversions will be counted in the cross-campaign reach report, even when you set "One" in the conversion tag of your Search Ad.


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