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Use filters

You can use filters to narrow down the data to view in each list in the Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads management tool (Display Ads management tool).
For example, you can specify a value and view the data that are larger (or smaller) than the value. Additionally, you can specify an ID or term to narrow down the elements.

Set filter conditions

You can add filter conditions in the list to narrow down the data.

  1. From the sidebar menu, select columns that you want to view.
  2. Click “+Add” in the filter section.
  3. Click the condition to set in the list.
    You can search by filter name.
  4. Enter a condition in the window appears.
    Example settings:
    • Filter the campaign names to view the campaigns that have “sale” in their names.
    • Filter the campaigns to view the ad group’s bid strategy is “Manual bidding (CPC).”
    • Filter the ads to view the ads that have 100 or more impressions.
    • Filter the ads to view the ads that have "100 ~ 50,000" impressions.
  5. Click “Apply.”
  • Up to five conditions per filter.
  • Multiple conditions are available for the same column.
  • To remove the filter condition, click “x” by the condition.
  • To remove all filter conditions, click “Clear.”


Save filters

You can save the created filters and use it later. When you filter data with same conditions regularly. Filters can be saved by each component list page such as campaigns and ads.

  1. After create a filter, click "Save" button.
  2. Enter the unique filter name, then click "Save as" button.
    Also note that you can overwrite the exiting filter by "Save changes" button when you save the existing filter setting.
  3. The saved filter setting appears on the pull-down menu that is displayed when you click the "Add" button for filters. Click the appropriate filter setting to narrow down the information with the saved conditions.
    When you delete the filter setting, click the trash can icon at the right of the filter names.