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Manage search keyword list

The created search keyword list is managed using the “Search keyword list” screen. The “Search keyword list” screen displays a list of registered Search Keyword Lists.

Display Search Keyword List
Search Keyword List screen action items
Check set contents of search keywords and user size

Displays search keyword list

See below for how to display search keyword lists.

  1. Click the tool icon, in the top right corner of the Display Ads management tool.
  2. Click “Search keyword list” in “Common library.”
  3. Displays a list of search keyword lists.

Search keyword list screen action items

(1) “Create Search Keyword List” 

Creates a new search keyword list. To learn about how to create a search keyword list, see “Create Search Keyword List.”

(2) “Download” 

You can download all Search Keyword Lists already registered with the applicable account. File format is CSV.

(3) “Search Keyword list name”

Displays the names of lists set in each of search keyword lists. Click the list name to move to the list edit screen.
You can add or delete search keywords on the “Edit search keyword list” screen. Click “Save” after editing.
For details of adding and deleting, see the following pages.
Create Search Keyword List (Display Ads (Auction))

When you edit the target list name only, click the pencil icon to edit. You can mouse-over your pointer on the target list name to find the pencil icon.

(4) “Description”

Displays an optional description set for each list.

(5) “Search keyword”

You can check the details of each list.

(6) “Search Keyword List ID”

An ID that identifies the search keyword list a unique ID is issued to each search keyword list.

(7) “Active/inactive”

You can check the status of the search keyword list (active or inactive). Displays “Inactive” when the registered search keywords are all excluded due to a violation of public policy, etc.

(8) “Bulk edits”

If you check the check box on the left side of the list name, the “Bulk edit” button is displayed. When you click the “Remove search keyword list” displayed when the button is clicked, the selected list will be deleted.

If a search keyword list set for an ad group is deleted, the setting will be cancelled and so the ad group search keyword targeting will be changed to “None.”


Check set contents of search keywords and user size

(5) Click on the i icon in the “Search keyword” column to check the set details of search keywords and user size (number of search users).

The items that can be checked on this screen are shown below.

  • Search keywords that are set
  • Details (Search period and number of searches)
  • User size of each search keyword currently set
  • User size displays an average value (updated periodically) for the past 12 months regardless of the search period setting (within 1 day, within 3 days, within 7 days, within 14 days, within 30 days).
  • When there’s not so many search users for the keyword, the number will be seen as “less than 1000.”
  • User size is not the actual number but a reference value.
  • User size is displayed for each device (PC, smartphone, tablet) regardless of the settings for ad groups (Same display for other screens).

If “Download” on the top right of the screen is clicked, you can download the list of currently set search keywords and user sizes. File format is CSV.

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