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Tracking with script tags provided by recommended partners

*Tracking indexes by using script tags is provided only for limited advertisers.

Tracking several indexes for ad delivery is available on Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads (Auction) by setting script tags provided by recommended partners.
See the following information to learn about this feature overview and available script tag partners.

Indexes to be provided
Tracking mechanism
Script tag providers
Agreement on Handling of Measurement Data
Notes for tracking
Set a script tag information on the Campaign Management Tool

Indexes to be provided

Using the script tag, the following indexes will become available for tracking.

  • Viewability related index
    Viewable Impressions
  • Brand safety related index
    Ad delivery on the contents that may be considered "not positive and may damage the brand image"
  • Ad fraud related index
    Impressions occurred by illegal method
    *Please contact your script tag provider for details.

Tracking mechanism


When you create ads, set the script tag information provided by the recommended script tag partner.
Your ads are delivered with inserted script tag based on the setting you made on creating the ads and several indexes become available on tracking.

Script tag providers

VendorsScript tag src attribute URL domain
Integral Ad Science Japan
Oracle America, Inc. (former: MOAT)

*As of September 2021.
*Please contact your script tag provider for details.

Notes for tracking

  • There are some unavailable cases.
    When using the tag provided by DoubleVerify or Oracle America, Inc., tracking may not work properly for apps. The script tag added to your ad will be automatically removed by the system when delivering ads to specific web pages or apps. Therefore, tracking with script tags is not available for ads on such ad placement.

  • Indexes related to video ads are not supported.
    Since tags in VPAID format are not supported, tracking video ad related indexes with script tag is not available.

  • Tracking is not supported for some campaign objectives and combination of ad types.
    For more details, inquire to our sales officers.

Agreement on Handling of Measurement Data

When you use a script tag provided by recommended partners, you need to confirm and agree to the statement of handling of measurement data in advance.

  1. On the account list, click the "Settings" besides the account to be edited.
  2. On the "Account Information" view, click “Edit” button at the top.
  3. From the "Other" section, confirm the Agreement on Handling of Measurement Data (Japanese) and select "Agree with Agreement on Handling of Measurement Data (Japanese) and use measurement tag," then click "Save."

Set a script tag information on the Campaign Management Tool

Enter URL described on the src attribute of the script tag on the creating ads window.

  • When your script tag is as follows:
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    > Enter “” for “Third-party script tag src attribute URL”.

  • Setting some tracking parameters is available when using the script tag provided by Integral Ad Science Japan K.K.
    Ask your script tag providers about the details of available parameters.
  • Numbers and half-width symbols (following RFC3986) are available for the script tags. Japanese URLs aren't available. Encode the symbols in the URLs (other than parameters for tracking).
  • Since tracking methods and tag execution timings vary, there may be some difference of tracked results between on Display Ads (Auction) and by script tag.
  • Details on available indexes and issuing tags are out of scope for Yahoo! JAPAN support. Please contact your tool provider.

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