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First Setting for Tracking App Install (Conversion)

*This page describes tracking app install (conversion) for Ad styles “Text ads," "Display ads," and "Template ads." For "Video ads" conversion tracking, see Conversion Analytics with Video Ads.

To measure effectiveness of your app campaign, use app install (conversion) tracking. 

Before you begin

  1. Install the tracking tool described on Tracking tools which support Conversion Tracking of App Install and required parameters.
  2. Set up the conversion tracking on the Campaign Management Tool

Learn more about Mobile App install tracking in following pages.

How Mobile App install are tracked
Tracking tools which support Conversion Tracking of App Install and required parameters
How to set up the tracking on Campaign Management Tool

How mobile app install works

App Installation
*What is SDK?
A Software Development Kit: a set of tools needed to create and develop applications

Mobile App install tracks the first launch of the app.

Tracking tools which support Conversion Tracking of App Install and required parameters

Supplier Tool name Required parameter
ADjust Co.,Ltd.

*For iOS
install_callback={installCallback}, idfa={ifa}

* For Android
install_callback={installCallback}, gps_adid={ifa}

AppsFlyer AppsFlyer

*For iOS
clickid={ci}, idfa={ifa}

* For Android
clickid={ci}, advertising_id={ifa}

CyberZ, Inc.
F.O.X suid={ci}、adid={ifa}
Metaps Links, Inc.
Metaps Analytics click_id={ci}、device_id={ifaSha1}
Singular Singular Contact tool supplier
Branch Metrics Branch Universal Ads

*For iOS
ref_id={ci}, ios_ifa_sha1={ifaSha1}

*For Android
ref_id={ci}, google_aid_sha1={ifaSha1}

Kochava Kochava  

Common parameters for all tools

Parameters for Cash Busting

*Ask your vendor whether this parameter is necessary, and how to place it.


*Other method such as_'XXX=[timestamp]' is invalid.

*As of September 2019.
*Available tools and parameters may change without prior notice.
  • Set the URL provided by the tool supplier as destination URL of ads. Make sure to include required parameters described in the preceding table. 
    To learn how to create ads for mobile app, see Create Ads to Promote Mobile App.
  • Depending on the tool you are using, there may be more parameters available. Contact your tool supplier for the details.
  • Our support isn't available on setting up the app tracking tools. Contact your tool supplier.

How to set up the tracking on Campaign Management Tool

  1. Click the "Display Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the arrow in the [Tool] tab and then click [Acquire Conversion Tag] in the drop-down menu.
    Or click the [Tool] tab and then click [Acquire Conversion Tag] in the “Tool List” page.
  3. Click the [Create Conversion Tag] button on the “Conversion Analytics” page.
  4. Enter the followings.
    Item Description
    Conversion Name Auto generated conversion name will be shown, but it can be changed.
    Enter the name based on the purpose of the tracking or conditions of the tag to be easily identified.
    Same conversion name cannot be used in an account.
    Conversion Type When tracking conversion on the website, select "Web."
    To track conversion on your website, you need to select the option type "Web".
    For the conversion tracking on the website, refer the following page.
    How to Set Conversion Tag
    Objective of Conversion Tracking “Other” is the default setting. This cannot be changed.
    App OS Select the app OS from the following. The app OS must be same OS set for mobile app campaign.
    App ID/Package name Enter App ID/Package name. App ID/Package name must be same name set for mobile app campaign.
    ・For iOS: App ID
    ・For Android: Package Name
    Tracking Period Specify the tracking period (number of days starting the ad click to the conversion) from 7 to 90 days.
    The actual tracking period may be different due to the specification of third tool you are using.
    Counting type Select the options "One per click" or "Many per click." You can get unique conversions by selecting "One per click."  ( "One per click" excludes the conversions by the same user after the first conversion.)
    Conversion count You can decide to use conversions with this setting for conversion optimization or not.
    -Include: Use for optimization.
    -Exclude: Do not use for optimization.
    When you choose "Exclude," conversions are counted as "All Conv." (all conversions) for campaigns etc., but not counted as "Conversions."
    Conversion Optimization
    Value per Conversion It is fixed to "0" and can't be changed.
  5. Click the [Save] button.

When using video ads, "Counting Period (video view)" is shown in Step 4.
To set this item, see the following help page.
Conversion Analytics with Video Ads