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The Campaign Editor for Display Ads supports adding videos to be used on ads.
Learn more details of Video Ads on the following help topic.
What is Video Ads


Confirm the followings to add videos to your campaign.

Add videos by entering the setting items

  1. Click on "Common Library" at the left-hand side in the Campaign Editor main window.
  2. Select "Videos" at the left-hand side of the Common Library window.
  3. Click "Add video" in the operation menu at the top of the data area.
  4. The file selection window is displayed. Select video files to add, then click "Open."
    -Multiple video files can be selected.
    -Drug and Drop any video file to data area is also available. Up to 100 files can be added at once.
    *Learn about the video file specification in detail on the following help topic.
    Add video files
  5. The video file is added with the Edited status.
    -Clicking the "Video" item in the Data Details Area opens a separate window and the video can be played. Note that only videos at the original video quality can be played.
    -To check the video quality at ad placement, the video file must be downloaded to Campaign Editor after uploading the video to the Campaign Management Tool.
    *More detail information can be referred on the following help topic.
    Play and download videos
  6. Upload the added video file to the Campaign Management Tool.
    Complete application to the Campaign Management Tool by uploading the video file added in the Campaign Editor. See the following page for detailed uploading.
    Upload data
  • The video file added with the Campaign Editor is subject for Editorial Review with the timing to upload to the Campaign Management Tool.
  • Error details are displayed in the upper portion of the data details area when an error occurs in the added video file.
  • You can set the added video file in the ad (video). See the following page for details on the ad creation procedures.
    Create an ad

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