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This page helps you upload the data that has been edited in the Campaign Editor to the Campaign Management tool.  This step completes applying the data to the Campaign Management tool.

By uploading data, adding, changing, deleting and targeting data implemented in the Campaign Editor are applied to the account data of the Campaign Management tool. The changes will not be applied to the Campaign Management tool if the Campaign Editor is quit without uploading the data.  (Data that is being edited remains in the Campaign Editor, so it is possible to continue editing when the Campaign Editor is started the next time.)

 Upload the Campaign Management Tool Data

  1. When editing of data is completed on the main window of the Campaign Editor, start the upload.
  2. Click the [Post] button on the menu bar of the main window.
  3. Check the content, then click the [OK] button on the Upload data window.
  4. The Upload status window is displayed. When the progress reaches “100% done,” click the [Close] button.
  • The upload target is only data under the account displayed on the main window.
  • If there is no updated content, the [OK] button cannot be clicked on the Upload data window.
After uploading data in the Campaign Editor, check that the information that was added or edited is applied correctly to the Campaign Management tool. After uploading data, you can check that it is applied to the data in the Campaign Editor by “downloading data.”
Download data