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There are four ways to create an ad group using the campaign editor for Display Ads.

The following steps describe creating one ad group at a time.

Create one ad group at a time

  1. From the left navigation menu, select “Ad group.”
  2. Click “Create ad group.”
  3. Select a campaign that you want to create an ad group, then "OK."

    • You can select multiple campaigns.
    • You can skip this step when selecting only one campaign in the account tree.
  4. Ad group data is added in the lower part of the data area. Set each ad group item in the data details area and setting area.
    Enter the setting by changing the following tabs.

    *To see descriptions for each tab, click the following links:
    Edit the selected Ads(Text) tab
    URL option tab
    Label tab
    If you see error messages, fix your settings.

    "Edit the selected Ads (Text)" tab

    (1) StatusSelect the distribution setting from the following.
    (2) Ad group bid strategy
    Enter the bid strategy for the ad group.
    The bid strategy for the campaign you selected at Step3 will be applied.
    (3) Bid

    When the "Ad group bid strategy" is manual bidding, enter the bid that you set for the ad group.
    When you apply the bid set for the campaign, you don't need to enter this option.
    The specification differs depending on the billing method displayed in the bid strategy.
    Learn more details on "About bid strategy - manual bidding"
    *Enter an amount that does not exceed your campaign daily budget.
    Set Conversion Optimization for ad group

    (4) Target CPA (tCPA)

    Enter the target value that you set for the ad group, when the "ad group bid strategy" is "auto bidding (tCPA)".
    When you apply the bid set for the campaign, you don't need to enter this option.*Enter an amount that does not exceed your campaign daily budget.
    (5) Campaign bid
    The campaign bid or the target CPA you selected at Step3 will appear on this option. (only when you set)
    (6) Campaign name

    The campaign name selected in Step 3 appears.

    (7) Campaign goal

    The campaign goal selected in Step 3 appears.

    (8) Ad group name

    Enter the ad group name.

    (9) Device targeting
    When clicking on "Bulk edit device, OS, web/app", the view for editing will appear. To select any target device for ad delivery, check the target device. 

    Learn more about details of available items on "Items that can be set with Device Targeting"
    No settings required if you want to serve ads to all devices without targeting

    • When the campaign goal is "app promotion", check the device options "smartphone" and/or "tablet".
    • When the campaign goal is "app promotion", you can set the oldest OS version for smartphone and tablet.
      Learn about how to set on "How to set OS version".
    (10) Item setThe settings for item lists appear when you click.
    Set this option only for the campaign goal "Item list promotion".


    "URL option" tab

    (1) Tracking URLFor tracking, set the URL for ad measurement.
    (2) Custom parameterEnter the parameter name at the left, then enter the parameter value at the right.


    "Label" tab

    (1) LabelDisplays label name set up to the selected ad. Comma-separated for multiple ads.
    (2) Edit"Select label" will appear after you click "Edit." Select the labels to apply to the ads.
    Click "OK" to complete.

    • Max. 50 labels are available per ad.
    • You can add a new label by clicking "+Add label." 
    • You can search for a label with the text box.
    (3) Remove labelsAll labels set up to ads selected will be removed by clicking "Remove labels".
  5. Upload created data for the ad group to the Campaign Management Tool.
    Complete application to the Campaign Management Tool by uploading the ad group data created in the Campaign Editor. See the following page for detailed uploading procedures.
    Upload data

How to set OS version

When the campaign goal is "app promotion", you can specify the oldest OS version for the device, smartphone and tablet. You need to set only this option at the data area for targeting. Follow the steps below.

  1. At the list of items of Campaign Editor, select "OS version".
  2. From the menu at the top of data area, click "OS version targeting".
  3. From the displayed ad groups, check the black triangle for the upper campaign name, then check the target ad group. You can check multiple ad groups. Once you check the target ad groups, click "OK" button.
  4. At the bottom row of data area, the row for the ad group that you selected will be added.
    Click the "OS version" at the bottom of data area, then select the oldest OS version.

    • Some OS versions cannot be selected depending on the OS set for the higher campaign.
    • It may take some time for the latest version of the OS to be available in the OS version list after it is released.

See the following pages for details on targeting settings in the ad group.

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