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There are three ways to add images (image, logo, video thumbnail) with the Campaign Editor for Display Ads.

This page describes procedures for adding an image file by entering the setting items.

Add image files by entering the setting items

  1. From the left side, click "Common Library."
  2. Select Image, Logo, Video thumbnail, or Campaign banner from Images on the left side of the Common Library.
  3. Click Add image at the top of the data area.
    *This is a description when “Image” is selected in Step 2. The link varies depending on the item selected in Step 2.
  4. Select the image file to be added and click "Open".
    • You can select multiple image files.
    • You can also drag and drop the image file to the data area. Up to 1,000 files per action.
      *Up to 500 MB per action when drag and drop images. Divide the files, use the "Add image" button, or import when exceeding 500 MB.
  5. The image file is added with the Edited status.
    To review the image in original size, click images in the "Images" field on the Data details area.
  6. Upload the added image file to the Campaign Management Tool.
    Complete application to the Campaign Management Tool by uploading the image file added in the Campaign Editor. See the following page for detailed uploading procedures.
    Upload data
  • The image file added with the Campaign Editor is targeted for examination with the timing to upload to the Campaign Management Tool.
  • Error details are displayed in the upper portion of the data details area when an error occurs in the added image file.
  • To deliver ads with images, you need to associate images when creating ads. Learn more about Create an ad.

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