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Day of week/hours targeting

Day of week/hours targeting is a function for setting the day of the week and hours for displaying ads and limiting targets to Internet users that use the Internet on specific days of the week and time bands.
Day of Week / Hours Targeting
Day of week/hours targeting can be set in the ad group with the following procedures.

  1. Open the main window of the Campaign Editor.
  2. Select “Day of Week/Hours” in the display content selection list on the left-hand side of the window.
  3. Click [Set up day of week/hours targeting] button in the operation menu at the top portion of the data area.
  4. Set the setting of Day of week/hours targeting as follows:
    <When the ad group is selected on the account tree>
     Select the day of week and hours for targeting set to the selected ad group.
    <When no ad group is selected on the account tree>
    Select ad groups and day of week/hours for targeting. You can select multiple ad groups and day of weeks/hours
    *Select the upper level, such as an account or campaign to shift all ad groups under that to being selected.
  5. Click "OK". New targeting settings are added to the lowermost line in the data area.
  6. Enter "Bid Adjustment" rate for the targeting.
    - Enter the rate from "1" to "100" for "Increase by" and from "-1" to "-90" for "Decrease by."
    - Enter "0" when you do not set Bid Adjustment.
    Please refer the following page for the details of Bid Adjustment.
    Set Bid Adjustment Rate for Each Targeting 
    * To select multiple Day of Week/Hours, repeat steps 3 to 7.

You can collectively create targeting settings by using the import function.
Import data
You can create new targeting settings by copying existing settings by using the copy function.
Copy to create a component

  • Data added, changed, or deleted, and targeting set in the Campaign Editor are applied to the account data of the Campaign Management tool by uploading. The changes will not be applied to the Campaign Management tool if the Campaign Editor is quit without uploading the data.
    Upload data
  • When Day of week/hours targeting is not set, distribution will implemented on all days and all hours.

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