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Placement Targeting

'Placement Targeting' enables you to manage where you would like to display or not to display your ads, by specifically selecting web sites.
It is available for an ad group created under the campaign with ad distribution type 'Targeting', 'Infeed Ads' or 'Video Ads'.

Concept of Placement Targeting
Setting Placement Targeting

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Placement Targeting -Overview

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1. Create Placement List

You can start creating the list of websites called 'Placement List' to display (or not to display) your ads on "Placement Lists" page. Select from the suggested URL list to add to the Placement List, or enter target URLs into the field.
Create Placement List

  • Up to 100 Placement Lists can be created for each account.
  • You can add 1000 URLs to one Placement List.
  • Adding a specific URL for smartphone app is also available. See the following help topic to learn more detail.
    URL displayed on Smartphone App Ads
  • When a URL added to Placement List includes the directory, perfect match to the directory part is required to deliver ads.
    Placement List including '' is set to ad group B as 'Target' :
    • '' --> to be displayed (forward match)
    • '' --> to be displayed (backward match)
    • '' --> to be displayed (partial match, for the added URL '')
    • '' --> not to be displayed (not backward match, since the directory of the added URL '' does not match to '111'.)



2. Create Campaign and Ad group for Placement Targeting

Create a campaign with 'Targeting' or with 'Infeed Ads' as for ad distribution type and create an ad group under the campaign.
Note that it's not necessary if you set Placement Targeting on your currently existing campaigns with 'Targeting', 'Infeed Ad' or 'Video Ads'.
Create Ad Group
Create Campaigns

3. Set Placement List for Ad Group

Set the Placement List created on process 1 to the ad group under the campaign created on process 2, and specify the list to deliver ads or not. With the settings, you can control where to deliver the ads under the ad group.
Create Ad Group

  • One Placement List and one Placement Exclusion can be set per ad group.
  • Note that if the exactly same URL is included in the both lists, the URL would be considered a Placement Exclusion.
    On the Target List:
    On the Exclusion List:
    ---> then your ads will not be displayed on the page ''.
  • For Placement Targeting, the website with URL which can be forward-match or backward-match to the URL added to the Placement List. Ads will not be delivered to a website with URL which does not match with any of these matching.
    Placement List including '' is set to ad group A as 'Target':
    - '' --> where your ads will be delivered
    - '' --> your ads will not be delivered ("www" is not included)
    *When delivering to both URL above, directly enter ''.

'Placement Report' will also help you to set and manage Placement Targeting.
Placement Report