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Reach Status and Duration

The site's duration and reach status are set when the target list is created or edited as described below.
1.Site Duration
2.Site Reach Status management
3.Past Visitors

1. Site Duration
With Site retargeting, the Target list's duration can be set to any value between 1 and 540 days. This makes it possible to re-target users who visit your site within the specified period.
< Setting a Site Duration for a Target List >
Example 1: Duration is 90 days (default setting)
Target List ex.1
Example 2: Duration is changed to 60 days
Target List ex.2
Example 3: Duration is changed to 120 days
Target List ex.3

  • The default setting is 90 days.
  • The duration can be set to a length between 1 and 540 days.
  • The duration can be edited in the Target list (rule) and Target list (default). Target list (rule) can also be set during creation.
  • The duration cannot be set for Target list (combination) or Target list (similar). In the case of Target list (combination), the duration of the combined target lists are followed.
  • Since Target list (similar) extracts similar users analyzing the visitors data of the previous day, the duration of visit history set to the base Target list of the Target list (similar) will not impact to extraction of similar users.
  • Even if you create multiple Target lists (similar) based on the Target lists with same settings but with various duration of visit history, the similar users on the list will be same as a result.

2. Site Reach Status management
It is possible to control timing when reach status information is stored for Target list (default) and Target list (Rule).
< Site Reach Status Settings >
Target List ex.4
When the site reach status is set to "Open," unless it is subsequently changed to "Closed," the target list reach status information will continue to be stored.
Conversely, if "Closed" is selected, then reach status information will not be stored until it is changed to "Open."
By the site reach status control function, it is possible to create a target list for displaying ads to users who visit a site during a specific period.

The setting of reach status on a Target list which has no ad display for 100 days after the release date will become "Closed." The Target list that has not been setup to ad group but has no ad display for 100 days will become "Closed" also.
The setting "Closed" will become "Open" once after the ad display occurs. Stored reach status of the Target list is held for the designated duration of the list.
However, the following Target list will not become "Closed" even if it has no ad display for 100 days.

  • Target list used as excluding list
  • Target list used for rules of combination list with actual ad display.
  • Target list used for rules of similar list that has ad display with actual ad display.


  • If the site reach status is set to "Closed", then reach status information will not be retained during that period, and cannot be acquired later. Please keep this in mind.
  • Even if the setting of Reach status becomes "Closed" on Target list (default), reach status of other Target list that has actual ad displays for the last 100 days will not become "Closed". It will continue to accumulate reach status.

Refer to the following for a description of the method for setting a site's duration and reach status:
Create and Copy Target Lists
Edit Target Lists
Manage Target Lists

3.Past Visitors

When you create Target list (rule), reach status before the list creation can be included to the target users to display your ads as "Past visitors".
If you enable the "Past visitors", your ads will be displayed to the user who has visited to your website in these 30 days AND who matches the conditions of the Target list.

  • "Past visitors" can be enabled only when you creating a new Target list. It is not available on editing any existing list.
  • Reach status will be accumulated after setting Site retargeting tag. Therefore, you need to set Site retargeting tag on your website before creating Target list.