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Basics of Site Retargeting and Setting Flow

This topic describes how to use Site Retargeting and steps to set up.

What is Site Retargeting
Basics of Site Retargeting
How to Set up Site Retargeting

What is Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting is a sort of Targeting feature on Display Ads (YDN), which shows relevant ads to internet users who have previously visited advertiser's site, while the user is browsing the page with YDN.
Site Retargeting lets you to display your ads to users who have visited your sites.

  • To display your ads with Site Retargeting, you need to set Reach Status which accumulate log data of your site visitors. For your preparation, you can use Tagging and Custom label to set up Site Retargeting.
  • Target list feature of site retargeting will enable you the following.

    - Targeting users based on event information in app (such as user actions in app)
    Targeting based on App event information

  • Targeting users by user list (custom list) accumulated and analyzed originally by advertiser.
    Targeting with Custom List

Basics of Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting
* Showing your relevant ads for internet users who have visited your sites, let you reach to customers effectively.

How to Set up Site Retargeting

1. Acquire Site Retargeting Tag

Before tagging, please make sure whether the Privacy Policy page of your site describes content of "Required for Privacy Policy". And then login to the Campaign Management Tool to acquire Site Retargeting Tag.
If there is no content required, please refer the topic below and setup the content of "required for Privacy Policy" on the Privacy Policy page for your site.
* Please also note that you need to login with Admin or Edit role to acquire Site Retargeting Tag.
Acquire Site Retargeting Tag and Tagging on Site
Matters to be included in the Privacy Policy

2.Set up Site Retargeting Tag on your site

You can create and setup Site Retargeting Tag on your site.
The tag enables you to group visitors of the site by URL (or some text string of the URL), and it means that you can display relevant ads for group by group.
Note that you can also creat some grouping rules with Custom label within the Site Retargeting Tag.
See below to learn more details.
Acquire Site Retargeting Tag and Tagging on Site
What is Custom label

  • We will recommend you to put the Site Retargeting Tag on all pages of your site. It does not accumulate the site visitors log on the page without the tag.
  • Please make sure, on the site with the URL including any full-width characters, the Site Retargeting Tag will not be able to work for retargeting with URL (or some text string of the URL). However you may avoid the conflict by Custom label.

3. Create Target List

To target users for your Ads, create the Target List.
The list enables you to display your relevant ads for appropriate user groups.
You can set up the list with specific URL (or some text string of the URL), specific Custom labels or Referrer URL to make conditions for targeting users.
What is Target List
Create Search Keyword List

4. Create a Campaign for Site Retargeting

Create a new Campaign.
* You do not need this Step 4 when you use existing Campaign setup with Ad Distribution 'Targeting'.
Create Campaigns

5. Set the Target List for Ad Group

You need to set the Target List created on the Step 3 onto the Ad Group for Targeting created on the Step 4. With the setting, you will be able to display your Ads of the Ad Group to users on the Target List.
Please refer the following help topics to learn more about Ad Group settings.
Create Ad Group
Target List set to ad group