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Get and install a site retargeting tag on your site

To use the audience list, get a site retargeting tag in advance.
You must have the "Admin" or "Edit" access level to obtain site retargeting tags.


To create audience lists of "Website visitors" and "Rules," you have to install tags on all pages of advertisers' websites, in addition to getting site retargeting tags.
By installing site retargeting tags on your websites, you can accumulate a user's browsing history on the server, so that the ads appear to users who have visited your website. Install the site retargeting tag on your website before you start delivering ads.
Learn more about Tags for Site Retargeting.

About site retargeting tags

There are two types of site retargeting tags, “previous” and “renewed.” The updated tag format avoids the impact of the browser in certain environments.
The previous tag is no longer available due to the end of Display Ads (YDN), so use the renewed version instead.

How to view and install site retargeting tags

  1. From the top bar, click "Tools."
  2. From “Common library,” click "Audience list."
  3. From the sidebar menu, click "Audience source." 
    *This step is for first-time users. 
  4. Confirm the terms of the “Required for Privacy Policy” agreement, click “Agree,” and click the “Get site retargeting tag” button.
    *This step is for first-time users.
    The Advertising Data Usage Standards define the requirements. You must explain the fact of acquiring data and the objectives for its use to users when using ad products that use a user's visit and activity history information on your website, apps, etc.
    Refer to the following for a description of the “Required for Privacy Policy” terms:
    Matters to be included in the Privacy Policy
  5. You can view “Custom Audience ID(retargeting ID)” and “Site general tag, site retargeting tag.”
    To views the tag and ID, click the "View tag and ID" button on the "Audience source" page.
  6. Copy site general tag, site retargeting tag.
    Sample code:
    • By clicking on the "Copy tag to clipboard," you can quickly copy the tag to your own clipboard.
    • Learn more about Site general tag.
  7. Install the copied tag right before the end tag </body> of all your website pages.
  8. Save the file with the tag pasted and then upload the file.
By setting a custom label in the site retargeting tag, you can group pages of your website. Learn more What is Custom Label of Site Retargeting
The website owner is solely responsible for the behavior and management of the site retargeting on your website.

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