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Remove images

This page describes how to remove images.

Remove images

  1. From the top bar, click "Tools."
  2. In “Common library,” click “Image.” 
  3. Images view will appear.
  4. Select the images you want to remove.
  5. At the top of the list, click "Bulk edits," then select "Remove image."
  6. On the "Remove images" window, click "Remove.
  • If you add images or video thumbnails with the following conditions, your ads won't run:
    ‐Review status of the image or video thumbnail is "Removed" or "Declined."
    ‐You already removed the image or video thumbnail.
  • Logos associated with your ad won't appear with the following conditions (Your ads will run.):
    ‐Review status of the logo image is "Removed" or "Declined."
    ‐You already removed the logo image.
You can change the image associated with your ads.
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