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Ad Quality

Quality in Display Ads (YDN) is assessed for each ad registered in an account.
Factors to decide “ad quality”
Impact of “ad quality”

Factors to decide “ad quality”

Ad quality is determined by multiple factors, such as click rate, relevance of ad and internet users.
*For video ads, action rate referrers to ‘Paid Video View Rate’, and ‘CTR’ for other ads.

Example of relevance:
Relevance between gender / age / action history and the  place of ad to be displayed


Impact of “ad quality”

Qualifications to join ad auction

With YDN, ads go through “Ad Auction” and delivered in order of “Auction Rank”: higher auction rank has higher position. Auction rank is determined on bid for ad group / ad, and ‘ad quality’. Therefore, low ‘ad quality’ may result in ads to be not delivered.

See the page below for how ad auction works.
How ads are delivered

Cost Per Click (CPC)*

CPC* is determined based on bid on ad group / ads along with ‘ad quality’. Therefore, when the ‘ad quality’ is high, you can expect lower click cost.
*For video ads, it refers to cost per view.