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Referrer URL

Referrer URL is the website URL where the internet user browsed just before visiting the page with the tag of site retargeting.
You can set the referrer URL as a part of filters when you create a website user list and an audience list of conditions. By using referrer URLs, you can choose whether to advertise or not based on the route by which Internet users visit your site, and adjust the bidding price accordingly.

Maximum length of the referrer URL is the same as a limitation for the URL.

Users note for referrer URL
Users note for Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manger

< Users note for referrer URL >

Note that even if you set a referrer URL for an audience list, it may not work to get the referrer URL depending on the user visit or the website spec.

[Cases you may not able to get reaches]
(1) The case when a user visits the page with the tag of site retargeting by the following situation;
 (a) The user directly enters the URL on the address bar of his/her browser.
 (b) The user visits the page using his/her bookmark, history, or shortcut. 
 (c) The user moves from the page with https to the page with http.
 (d) The user visits the page with a QR code.
(2) The case when the referrer URL is not available on the page by some tag settings.
(3) The case when your website is designed with "iframe", and the tag of site retargeting exists on the child page in the "iframe".

[Cases you may not able to get correct URL though reaches is available]
(1) The case when the referrer URL (*) has been rewritten;
When the referrer URL is informed, it may be rewritten with the settings on the site where just before visiting your site.
 (*)A setting to submit the URL information of the page linked from on-page transition by clicking a link.
(2) The case there is an additional page before moving to the external website.
There is an additional website between the referrer page and the external website by clicking the link on the page.

Use any analytics tool to analyze a referrer URL.


< Users note for Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manger >

Referrer URL with the specific condition is also available when you use site retargeting tag on Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager service.
Disabling and re-enabling the Site Retargeting tag is required if the action was taken before Dec 15, 2014.
For the site retargeting tag which had been set by Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager before December 14, 2014, you first need to disable the tag status on the "Manage Service Tag" screen and re-enable the tag again. Acquiring information on the referrer URL will be available by the operation of disabling and re-enabling the tag.
*If you continue using the tag without the operation above, you will not be able to acquire information from the referrer URL. Moreover, the Site Retargeting tag will work continuously as usual.
*For recent tags that have been set after December 15, 2014, no change is required and it will work properly without issue.

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