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What are the account limits for YDN?

Entities in your accounts, campaigns, and ad groups have the following limits.


Entity Limit

Account is the top level of your elements. Your information (company name and your name) and payment method are on this level.

  • Campaign: up to 100
  • Image files: up to 1,000
  • Video files: up to 1,000
  • Conversion tracking tags: up to 1,000
  • Search keyword lists: up to 1,000
  • Target lists: up to 400
  • Placement lists: up to 100

A set of ad groups and created under your account.

  • Ad groups: up to 1,000
Ad group

A set of ads and created under your campaign.

  • Ads: up to 300

*Associations to target lists, etc. won’t count in YDN.

The limits for targeting settings

Search targeting
  • Search keyword lists: 1,000 per account
  • Search keywords: 500 per search keyword list
  • Duration of search history: 30 days
Site retargeting
  • Target list: 400 per account
  • Duration of visit history: 1-540 days
Placement targeting
  • Placement lists: 100 per account
  • URLs: 1,000 per placement list
Frequency control
  • Frequency caps: 1-99,999 times
  • Unit: daily, weekly, monthly
Day of Week / Hours Targeting
  • Unit: hourly

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