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Reach report

Reach report shows the number of users and frequency for viewable impressions.

You can create, display, delete, and download the reach report in the performance report.
Learn how to use performance reports on the following help pages.

Create a Performance Report
Display, Delete and Download Performance Report you created

You can create the reach report of Display Ads (Auction) by using the "Predefined" reports feature.
Learn more Create performance report and template

Reach report items

The following image is an example of the reach report created only with the required items.


(A) Daily

The date of the report per unit Depending on what you select in “Display by,” the unit and date differ. The following table describes the details.

Items selected in Display by Description
Daily Show daily data
Weekly Show weekly (Mon-Sun) data
Date of Monday appears on the report

Show monthly data
The first day of each month appears as date on the report.

November 2019 → 20191101

(B) Campaign, ad group, ad

Reach report per elements

(C) Reaches

The number of unique users who has one or more viewable impressions in the specified period

(D) Average frequency

The average of frequency per unique user

  • Data after July 17, 2019, is available as a reach report.
  • Reaches and average frequency aren’t available if visitors’ (users’) browsers don’t accept Cookies.