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Available settings for each access level

Depending on the permission of the user, the items that can be displayed and set on the “Display Ads” tab of the Campaign Management Tool differ depending on the user's authority in the account.

Check the following help topic for the details of permissions:
Manage account access

See the figure of available settings/items displayed for each permission.

< Table Explanation >
✔ : Viewable and editable information
△ : partially available

Available settings/items displayed for each permission

Upper categoryMiddle categoryAccess level
AdminEditUser (Read-only)None
DashboardTransfer to dashboard
NotificationsList of notifications
Delivery settings for notification mail   
AccountsCreate new account / confirmationOnly available to Tool admin (*3)
Check account settings   
Change account settings  
 - Change monthly budget (*1)  
 - Change end date (*1)  
 - Change account-tagging  
Display account list 
Download account informationDownload usage information by account
(cost, operation fee, etc.)
Only available to Tool admin (*3)
CampaignList of campaigns 
Create / delete campaign  
Check campaign settings 
Change campaign settings  
Ad groupList of ad groups 
Create / delete ad group
Check ad group settings  
Check ad group settings  
AdList of ads 
Create / delete ad  
Change ad settings  
Copy ad  
DownloadDownload Campaign Settings 
Download Analytics 
ReviewResubmit for review  
Download editorial status 
Performance reportCreate new report 
Display report 
Download report 
Delete report 
TemplateCreate new template 
Display template 
Monthly billing statementDisplay monthly billing statement 
Billing transaction detailDisplay billing transaction detail 
Deposit/refund/credit card statementDisplay deposit/refund/credit card statementOnly available to Tool admin (*3)
ImagesAdd image  
Delete image  
VideosAdd video file  
Delete video  
Placement list, search keyword list, audience listView lists 
Add lists  
Delete lists  
Conversion trackingGet conversion tag 
Change historyDisplay change history  
PaymentRegister credit card (*4)   
Change credit card information (*4)   
Change automatic charge settings   
Make payment with credit card   
Confirm bank account for the transfer   

(*1): Only some limited agencies can set "monthly budget" and "end date" for ad delivery.

(*2): It’s a downloading feature available at the “Tools” menu of the ad management tool. The same data of the “Billing Report per Account” provided on the previous account list view. Available for some limited customers.

(*3): In addition to the permissions that can be granted to each account (admin, edit role, read-only), Yahoo! JAPAN Ads access system has permissions common to all accounts (admin access for tool, tool user). For the items with “only available to tool admin”, you need “admin access for tool” that is common to all accounts.
Learn more about the access on the following help page.
Manage account access

(*4): Only admin access holders can register or change credit card information. Learn more on the following help page.
Payment method and procedure (domestic wire transfer/credit card)

(*5): In Display Ads, if you select a country other than "Japan" when creating an account, you can't use auto-tagging.

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