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Advanced settings for conversion tag

By re-writing conversion tags with programming languages* conversion values can be dynamically acquired.
*JSP (Java Server Pages), ASP (Active Server Pages) and PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor), etc.
The following steps explain how to change the conversion tag using PHP parameters as an example:
Change conversion tag
  1. Prepare a conversion tag, entering a value within 10 characters in “Value per Conversion”.
    First Setting of Conversion Tracking for Website
  2. Change the conversion tag (for PHP)
    Replace the “Value per Conversion” value you entered before (shown in red in the figure below) with the tag
    “<?php echo $userRevenueValue ?>” correctly.

    <Original Conversion>
    java example
    *The images are samples. The actual appearance may vary.

    <Conversion Tag after replaced>>
    *The images are samples. The actual appearance may vary.
    If there is settings defect in the tag when dynamically obtaining sales, etc., we use the temporary amount entered in the "Value per conv." field when setting up a new conversion measurement.
  3. Copy the changed tag and paste it between <body> and </body> in the file used for the website to analyze.
  4. Save the file you pasted the conversion tag in and upload it to the webserver.

If other web programming languages are being used, alter the respective file of each one, using the correct syntax of the corresponding programming language.

  • "Advanced Settings for Conversion Tag" is only available when the conversion tag is set on the website. Not available for tracking App install(conversion) with Mobile App Campaign.
  • Please ensure that all the actions you take and the ways you manage the conversion tag on the web page are within the scope of the responsibilities assigned to you by the owner of the website.
  • If you change a conversion tag, it may lose its ability to perform conversion analysis correctly-data may be lost or may not be aggregated accurately, etc. If you are unsure about how to change a conversion tag, ask the website administrator.
  • On June 20, 2018, following item on conversion tracking tag has been changed.
    <Before> yahoo_ydn_conv_amount
    <After> yahoo_ydn_conv_value
    You can continue using the existing tag when tracking conversion before the change.

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