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Label feature

Labels on Display Ads (YDN) help you organize campaigns, ad groups, and ads into groups. You can customize labels to identify.
Checking and analyzing the data on labeled groups can help efficient ad management.

What labels can do
Counting data by label unit
Best practice
How to use labels

What labels can do

  • You can create and apply labels on list of campaigns, ad groups, or ads on the ‘Campaigns’ tab.
    Steps are described on Create and setup labels.
  • Max 1,000 labels per account can be created.
  • You can apply labels to the following elements:
    • Campaigns
    • Ad groups
    • Ads
An element can have max 50 labels.
*You can apply more than 1,000 labels in your account regardless of the max limit of labels (1,000) to be created.
  • You can select multiple labels and elements to apply labels in bulk.
  • In addition to the label name, you can apply label colors and descriptions. Changing the color for each label can help distinguish the elements on lists in the Campaign Management Tool.

    20 label colors are available on the Campaign Management Tool. More colors specified with hexadecimal color codes are available by using import feature on Campaign Editor.
  • Apply label to elements individually. Labels don't affect other elements in different levels.
    When you apply the label to the campaign, the ad group and ads under the campaign aren't affected.

Counting data by label unit

The number of clicks are counted by label unit. 


  Label A Label B Label C
Campaign 7 clicks 20 clicks 27 clicks
Ad group 22 clicks 20 clicks 0 clicks
Ad 14 clicks 20 clicks 7 clicks


Best practice

An online shop that sells fashion items such as outerwear and shoes.
  • Campaign:
    Prepare “Kanto area” and “Kansai area” campaigns to separately manage budgets for each area.
  • Ad group:
    Prepare “Outerwear” and “Shoes” ad groups to separate item category.
  • Ad:
    Prepare each ad pattern for area, item category, price.

> In above example, same categories and prices exist under different campaigns in an account.
If you don't apply labels, only the calculation by campaign or ad group unit is available. You need to use spreadsheet program, etc. to calculate the data on item category or price unit.

> Then, applying labels to the item category and prices makes checking and analyzing the data on these units and on the whole online shop easier.

Use the filter feature or performance report when checking the data on label or element unit.
Check performance data using labels

How to use labels

Learn about how to create and apply labels on the following help page.