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Ad Quality

The ads are evaluated those effectiveness and benefits for the Internet users, and it’s called “Ad Quality”.

Factors of "Ad Quality"
Impacts by “Ad Quality”
“Ad Quality”

Factors of "Ad Quality"

“Ad Quality” is not defined for each component such as Ad or Keyword. It’s a real-time evaluation of your ad every time it goes through Ad Auction, taking the following factors into consideration.

  • Estimated Click-Through Rate
    “Ad’s Estimated CTR” is the estimated number of clicks that your ad (Title/Description) receives divided by the number of times your ad is appeared as expressed as a percentage. It is affected by your Ad’s historical Clicks and Impressions.
  • Click-Through Rate of Display URL
    It is the actual rate showing how often people clicked your Display URL in your ad in the past.
  • Landing page experience
    Evaluation of the landing page experience for the internet user who clicked ads. The landing page is the page set for the final URL.
  • Relevance between Ad Description and Search Query
  • Ad’s actual performance by area (Entire Account)
  • Internet user’s Search Query
  • Ad’s actual performance history by devices (PC, Smartphone, Tablet)
In the case when your ad is not displayed for users because of the Campaign Daily Budget settings, it does not have an impact on “Ad Quality” issue.


Impacts by “Ad Quality”

  • Ad Auction
    In the Search Ads, each time your ad appears, it goes through the “Ad Auction” to calculate the “Auction Rank”. The higher “Auction Rank”, the higher Ad position.
    Since “Auction Rank” is determined by based on Bid setup to Ad Group (or Keyword), considering “Ad Quality”, if they are low, your ad may not appear.
  • Ad Position
    Your ad position is determined by based on “Auction Rank”. It is based on Bid setup to Ad Group (or Keyword), considering “Ad Quality”. If you improve your “Ad Quality”, your Ad Position may be higher.
    Please refer to the following page for “Ad Auction”, “Auction Rank” and how the Ad Position is determined.
    Ad Position
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
    CPC is determined by Bid setup to Ad Group (or Keyword), considering “Ad Quality”. If your “Ad Quality” is high, you can operate your Campaign, saving your Bid amount.
  • Ad Display Option
    Whether Ad Display Option (‘QuickLinks’ and ‘Call Extensions’) appears or not, it is determined by “Ad Quality” and Ad Position. Therefore, if your “Ad Quality” is low, your Ad Display Option may not appear, in spite of your settings made to it.
    Please refer to the following page for Ad Display Option.
    What is Ad Display Option


“Ad Quality”

“Ad Quality” does not have any concrete numerical values. However, the Quality Index which is displayed by each Keyword on the Campaign Management Tool, can be used as a reference of “Ad Quality”.
Please refer to the following pages for “Quality Index”.
Quality Index

Followings are some of the components of “Ad Quality”, however, they are not used for the calculation of Quality Index.
  • Areas (country, region) of the Internet user’s search.
  • Type of devices (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) of the Internet user’s search
  • When the multiple ads are created to the same Ad Group and their Ad Quality vary from each other.