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Ad Customizer

"Ad Customizer" is a feature that will automatically feed designated data such as a text string or a fixed value into the title or description of the ad copy.

Major advantages
Appropriate cases for Ad Customizer
Required context for Ad Customizer

■Major advantages

A list of designated data and the ad to feed the specific text or value will support you to automatically generate a variety of ads without using resource.
Ad Customizer will also enable you to approach more to Internet users with additional information inserted into the ads, such as product name, retail price, discount rate, etc.

ad samples

Ad examples by Ad Customizer. Designated data fed is in red.
*Sample image. May differ from the ads displayed in actual.

  • Ad Customizer can be used for a campaign with campaign type "standard" or "Dynamic Ads for Search."
  • When selecting "Responsive Ads for Search" ad type on the standard campaign, Ad Customizer cannot be used for the case.
  • Data auto insertion is available for the description on your ad only, it will not to be inserted to the title of your ad in the case with campaign type "Dynamic Ads for Search."
  • When you registered normal ads along with exclusive ads for Ad Customizer, one of them will be distributed.
Ad Customizer is not available with Campaign type "Mobile App download."

Please refer the following page for how to create ads.
Ad Customizers Step3: Create Exclusive Ad[Campaign Editor]

Also "COUNTDOWN" function which shows the rest of the time for sales and campaigns and "IF" function to separate ads for smartphones and other devices.
"COUNTDOWN" function not only shows the remaining time updated in real time but also pause ads linked with ending of countdown period; effective ad management is possible.

Samples above are for the case of using COUNTDOWN feature. The context in red can count down as time proceeds.

Please refer the following help page to know how to use COUNTDOWN feature in detail.
How to use COUNTDOWN feature on ads [Campaign Editor]

"IF" function enables inserting different texts for smartphones and other devices to optimize ad display.
<Sample : for Smartphone >

<Sample : for other devices>
Samples above are for the case of using IF feature.
Different text will be inserted to the part of context in red, for ads on Smartphone and on other devices for each.

Please refer the following page for how to use IF function.
Separating Smartphone Ads from Ads for Other Devices (IF Function) [Campaign Editor]

Also, location can be set by designating in list of automatic insertion data to narrow down the target for ad distribution. It will be effective when appealing visit for actual stores. Please check the following page for how to set the target location.
Target Location for Ad Distribution [Campaign Editor]

■Appropriate cases for Ad Customizer

Ad Customizer will allow you to expect better performance and efficiency in your advertising management, if you are selling hundreds of products online or managing huge amount of ads constantly. Please think about using this tool depending on your Search Ads usage.

■Required context for Ad Customizer

Followings are required before start using.

  • Exclusive Ads to insert data
  • Data Assignment List

Create "Data Assignment List" in CSV (comma separated) format or TSV (tab separated) format, and import the file to the Campaign Management Tool. Please note that you need to install "Campaign Editor" for importing prepared data and ads for Ad Customizer.
Following download site provides the installer of "Campaign Editor".
Yahoo! JAPAN Search Ads Campaign Editor

Learn about the steps in details and case samples of Ad Customizer on the following help topics.
Ad Customizers Step1: Create Data Assignment List
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